Monday, 5 April 2010

New Camo Top and Skirt!

Been working on lots of new things this week! Here are my favourites....I made these with only 2 hours sleep and an epic hangover, so I was extremely pleased with how well they turned out! The camo top is fitted and has a halter neck strap and front zipper fastening that comes completely open. There are decorative eyelets at the front, threaded with black ribbon that comes to a bow at the bottom edge of the top. The matching mini skirt also comes completely open at the front zipper, it has two pockets at the back, large size belt loops and matching lace up detail at the front.

green camouflage zipper halter neck top

green camo skirt front

green camo skirt back

camouflage lace up punk skirt and top

1 comment:

Hexotica said...

OMG I love your blog! The blog world is STARVED for good alternative fashion blogs and your clothing is fantastic. I will enjoy this blog. Oh yea!