Saturday, 25 May 2013

New Casual-wear Vest Tops for Summer

This week I've been working hard on replacing some of the clothing on my website that I can no longer get hold of the fabrics for-starting with a bit of a do-over of my Vest Tops & Tees category. I feel I've made a huge amount of going-out, fancy tops but no where near enough casual wear! So I thought I'd make a whole range of new stretch and patterned comfy vest tops. There's pink zebra print, pink leopard print, velvety tan and brown velour leopard print, a mini gothic crosses vest with sexy high cut sides and my favourite-a black wet look vest top with a spiked bottom cut so it hangs low in the middle and reveals a bit of hip. They will all be custom made to fit and most of them are available in plus size by selecting the plus size option in the drop down menu of each vest top.

Sexy Black Wet Look Spiked Cut Vest Top

sexy black wet look spiked cut vest top

Pink Glittery Leopard Print Vest Top

pink glitter leopard print vest

Velvety Tan/Brown Velour Leopard Print Vest Top

leopard print tan/brown velvety vest top

Pink Zebra Print Vest Top

hot pink zebra print vest top

Black/White Gothic Crosses Mini Vest

black/white gothic crosses vest top

Thursday, 16 May 2013

This week I've been working on more leggings and hot pants. I was looking at one of my favourite pairs of one of a kind leggings I've made which was a pair of bleach splattered studded leggings with lace up cut aways on the thigh and lower leg, showing some skin in a sexy but not-too-revealing kinda way and thought it'd be cool to create this same effect on a new pair of leggings that I can make for all sizes as a regular item, without being as time consuming as the original pair. I asked some of my facebook fans what colours they'd like to see and I got a lot of people asking for reds and blacks as well as purples. So I decided to go with red and black at first and maybe do something in purple at a later date. These leggings are made from glossy black wet look lycra, with open cutaways on the thigh and calf, with red faux leather finishing, decorated with silver pyramid studs and silver eyelets lacing up with black ribbon. The back is made from plain black wet look with a wide elasticized waistband. These leggings are available custom made to measure from the Glam Rock & Punk Studded Leggings section of my website.

Red & Black Wet Look/Leatherette Lace up Cutaways Studded Leggings....

 red black wet look studded lace up leggings

I also made a practice pair of glam rock studded bootcut jeans in preparation for a similar custom order. They are made with black denim and wet look, lace up crotch fastening and panels of bleached denim and studded faux leather. The main body of the backs are glossy black wet look with denim pockets and denim bootcut and waistband. They didnt look quite complete when I was done, so I bleach dripped the bootcuts upside down creating the cool effect of white flames creeping up from the floor. They are a one of a kind pair of jeans/trousers in a size 8/10. I made them extra long so they can be warn with heels :) Click the photo to view them on my website.

One of a kind Denim/Wet Look Bleached/Studded Bootcut Jeans...

black denim & wet look studded bootcut jeans

And lastly I've been meaning to make myself some new wet look hot pants which I finally got round to yesterday and since they turned out so well I thought I'd add them to my website as well. They are mini low rise hot pants in black wet look with an adjustable lace up front fastening and black wet look waistband. I've listed them under the Hot Pants & Shorts category of my website and I will custom make them to fit any size including plus size up to 48 inch hips.

Black Wet Look Lace up Mini Hot Pants..

lace up wet look hot pants in black

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Another Dress & My First Menswear Order :)

Here's another new alternative summery dress in the same style as my previous post. It's a mini dress made with metallic silver lycra with black deep cut lace up panel on the front and black lycra finishing on the sleeves, bust and lower hem of the dress. I'm making it available to both regular and plus size and it can be found under strappy dresses and mini dresses. It will be custom made to fit your own measurements :)

Metallic Silver Low Cut Lace up Mini Dress....

silver metallic low cut lace up mini dress

My exciting news of the week is that I took my first order for mens wear from guitarist of Chicago based band Down N' Dirty. He was looking for a custom pair of tight fitting flared jeans/trousers with lace up crotch, bleached and studded and totally glam rock to wear on stage. So I worked with bleached denim and leather look lycra for the main body with lace up crotch and faux leather lace up panels on the thighs, filled with black leather look, studded with silver pyramid studs and lacing up with white ribbon which falls at the sides. The backs I made with black leather look, with bleached denim studded pockets and long lace up panels going up the bottom of each leg. The customer loved them and I enjoyed making them so hope I will be making him some more stuff soon. Looking forward to seeing some pics of them on stage!

Custom Mens Flared Glam Rock Studded Lace up Trousers..

mens glam rock flared studded lace up trousers

mens glam rock flared studded lace up trousers

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Summery Clothing

I've been enjoying the sun shining into my office while I've been working this week and it's been getting me in the mood to design and create some new alternative summer clothing items. First I thought I'd go over my summer skirts section and update some of the older designs with some newer fabrics and styles. I found this black and white storks and stars print fabric which I love so using it I made this skirt. It has a stretchy, elasticized black cotton waistband with a puffy gathered circle skirt in the storks and stars print, with two tiers of black tulle underneath. The waistband is decorated with some lace up panels, lacing with white ribbon to match the storks. This is now available from the punky rah rah skirts section of my website and it will be custom made to fit both regular and plus size. I'm just now waiting for my supplier to get their delivery of sparkly brand new fabric prints in store so that I can continue with updating my range of mini skirts.

Black/White Storks & Stars Print Mini Skirt...

black/white storks & stars print mini skirt

plus size storks & stars print mini skirt

Also this week I was looking back at my all time favourite bleached denim studded vest top I've made which was one of a kind and trying to figure out a way of making a similar rock style corset top that is more "ready to wear" and will be possible to make as a repeat item in regular and plus size without being as time consuming and expensive as the one of a kind version. This is the design I came up with. It is made with bleached tan and grey denim with halter neck strap, front zipper fastening and black studded faux leather decoration down the front. Either side of this are black ribbon laces ups, criss crossing down the bust and forming bows at the bottom. I seriously love the effect of bleaching this type of textured two tone denim, I think it has a really cool effect (as you can probably tell by all the different clothes I've been making with it!) So anyway this corset top is available for regular and plus size, made to fit from the tops and corset tops category of my website.

Bleached Denim Studded Rock Corset Top..

bleached denim studded rock top

I found a few pieces of this black ponte roma jersey I had leftover from making hot pants and thought I'd make another one of a kind pair of high waisted hot pants. They are fitted with a front zipper fastening and feature tiny skulls decorating the front on one side, with matching skull print back pockets. They are roughly a uk size 8/10 and are on sale at £21.99 since I made them just to use up some scraps. The full measurements are listed in the product description and can be found by clicking the picture.

Black Skulls Print High Waisted Hot Pants...

high waisted black skull print hot pants

And lastly, I thought it was time to bring out some more summery dresses. I feel I've made a lot of fitted corset dresses lately but haven't turned my attention much to a more slinky stretchy style of dress which some people might prefer. The first dress I made this week is in red silky stretchy lycra with a deep low cut lace up front, sexy and revealing but not too revealing. The lace up is in black and the sleeves, bust line and lower hem are also in black lycra to match. This dress is available in both regular and plus size from the strappy dresses and mini dresses section of my site and will be made to fit your own measurements. I love this dress, it feels amazingly comfortable to wear and I will be making some more dresses in this style very soon!

Red/Black Low cut Lace Up Mini Dress...

red/black low cut lace up mini dress