Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Spider Web Underbust Corsets!

Here are my latest 2 underbust corsets. The first is made from black and white spider web fabric with tiny red glitter spiders, there is a widely adjustable lace up fastening and the front and also at the back. The corset is fully boned and is designed to take the waist in by 2-3 inches. The second is the same design made in gorgeous deep wine coloured spider web fabric with bits of glitter in the actual fabric.

black and white spider web lace up underbust corset

black and white spider web underbust corset

black and white spider web underbust corset

wine spider web underbust corset

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Bleach Painted T Shirts

This is the most fun I've had in a while! I saw someone's post on Diyscene about bleach painting and I thought "why have I never thought of that?!" and so I thought I'd have a go and I love it! I messed around with it for a bit and then decided to get some paints involved aswell and stitching some extra bits on. While I love designing clothes, it doesn't allow me to show as much expressiveness or personality as art, which was always the thing I was strongest at. So now I've found a way of combining my love of making alternative clothing and being a bit more expressive and crazy at the same time. So here are my first few t shirts in this style!

Pink cupcakes t shirt

Pink cupcakes t shirt

black spider web t shirt

black spider web t shirt

stars splat pink t shirt

stars splat pink t shirt

black and red skulls t shirt

black and red skulls t shirt

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Spider Web Mini Zipper Skirts

Here are my two latest skirts, these are actually my favourite skirts out of my whole range except for the gothic fishtail one. They are fitted mini skirts with zipper fastening at the front which comes completely open and black pockets at the back and big black belt loops which can fit a small or larger width belt. The second one is my favourite and I decided to keep the original to wear as a rare treat to myself :)

wine glitter spider web mini skirt

wine glitter spider web mini skirt

black and white spider web mini skirt

black and white spider web mini skirt

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New Stripey Bondage Skirts

I'm still ridiculously behind on posting my latest work! Here are a couple of skirts from 2 weeks ago. There's a high waisted pencil skirt made from soft stretchy cotton in purple and black stripes with sexy black bondage straps with eyelets at the back. Then there's a mini skirt version of the first one, made from grey and black stripe cotton with elasticated waistband and black and silver stud bondage straps at the back. Being more of a mini skirt person, I personally prefer the second one :)

purple and black stripe high waisted pencil skirt

high waisted pencil bondage skirt

grey and black stripe mini skirt

mini stripe skirt

mini stripe skirt

Sunday, 13 December 2009

New Long Sleeved Gothic Tops

I've been working on so much new stuff lately, I've gotten really behind with updating my blog and now I'm up to my shoulders in orders to make which is very exciting as things haven't been this good in a while!

Thought I'd show the latest long sleeved tops first as they are the first we have a long sleeved black gothic lace top with stretchy semi see-through lace sleeves and centre panel with black ribbon lace up over the top. Next there's a long sleeved top made from big "pot hole" style fishnet with black cotton spike shapes covering the bust and midriff. I think this is one of the most unusual and creative pieces I've come up with in a while and it seems to be the fave overall so far. And lastly another gothic top made from black mesh with cotton covering the bust and waist with individually sewn on skulls on the bust.

long sleeved black gothic lace top

red and black fishnet top

emo skulls gothic mesh top

emo skulls mesh top

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

2 New Dresses

Two new dresses this week. The first is a similar style to the leopard print strappy dress in my last post. It has a fitted top half made from stretchy black velour fabric and a flowy lower half in black and white polka dot cotton, with matching polka dot straps and detail around the bust. The dress also has a black ribbon trim around the bottom edge and black ribbon sewn to the sides which is then brought to a bow at the front to cinch the waist.

black and white polka dot strappy dress

The second is a re-make of my previously top selling black and white music print dress. Unfortunately my supplier stopped making the fabric I used to use for the dress and so had to switch to this new fabric, which is actually a better quality and I think looks nicer than the old. For ages I've just been using a link to an image of the fabric as I hadn't bothered to make a dress for myself to model, but finally got round to it yesterday.

black and white music print dress

Saturday, 21 November 2009

New Pencil Skirts and Cute Dress :)

Here are the other new things I've been working on. There are two high waisted pencil skirts in stretchy black and white polka dot cotton and stretchy black and white skulls lace with cotton. Both have an elasticated waistband which starts at the thinnest part of the waist and reaches just above kneelength where the skirt goes in to emphasise curves. The other is a cute flowy strappy dress made from black and leopard print velour. It has matching black straps, decorative black lacey trim around the bottom and a big black ribbon sewn on at the sides, which can be brought into a bow at the front.

black and white high waisted polka dot skirt

black and white high waisted skull and crossbones skirt

leopard print dress with black bow

Friday, 20 November 2009

Gothic Long Sleeved Tops

I've been wanting to make some new items for a while now, but every time I attempt to go into town to buy fabric, it suddenly starts raining so hard that I can't actually see and I end up with make up all over my face and decide I don't want to grace the nice people at the fabric store with my hideous presence and so turn back. I should really invest in an umbrella...

So anyway I finally managed to get there and back without getting wet and so have been blasting out new designs. The first is a long sleeved top made from stretchy black cotton with red and black skeletons lace. There is a big black ribbon which starts round the back and you can tie up at the front to make a cute decorative bow. Then there's a sexy gothic black cotton and black fishnet long sleeved top with a lace up panel at the front and lastly a black cotton top with black and white polka dot sleeves and a white corset-style lace up front.

red and black skeletons bow top

gothic black fishnet long sleeved top

black and white polka dot sleeves top with lace up front

Sunday, 8 November 2009

New Corset Dresses and Skirts!

I've been making a few more new things this week. First there's another corset skirt in navy vintage look tattoo print cotton, which a friend suggested would be cool. So there's the usual stretchy cotton waistband with rah-rah style lower half and adjustable navy ribbon corset style lace up front.

Pnavy vintage look tattoo print skirt

Then we're got an elegant black fishtail skirt which goes in at the knee and splays out at the bottom. The skirt has an elasticated waistband and is made from strechy black velour. I actually really love this skirt, it's very comfortable and looks pretty. And the bit where it goes in at the knee isn't so tight that it makes you look stupid when you walk (as some skirts do), which is always a bonus...

black fishtail skirt

black fishtail skirt

My new dresses consist of a cute gothic black satin corset dress and a black and white beetlejuice stripe style corset dress. They both have halterneck straps, zipper fastenings at the back, two tiers of fabric, 3 tiers of black netting, decorative lace up corset style detail and decorative black bows at the front. They are both roughly 27" long from bust to bottom of the dress and finish about half way down the thigh-just above the knee.

black and white stripe corset dress

black and white stripe corset dress

gothic black satin corset dress

gothic black satin corset dress

Monday, 2 November 2009

Bikini Tops

I made a couple of new bikini tops recently. I know its far from bikini time now but I felt like making them anyway just to add to the range. So there's cute barbie pink faux fur leopard print and there's sexy black PVC, both are halter necks which tie up and with elastic tie up waist band.

sexy shiny black pvc bikini top

barbie pink faux fur leopard print bikini top

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sleeves and Armwarmers

New gloves, sleeves/armwarmers. Black and pink fishnets, leopard print, skulls print and black and white stripe.

black fishnet sleeves

pink fishnet sleeves

skulls print armwarmer sleeves

black and white stripe armwarmer sleeves

leopard print gloves sleeves

Friday, 30 October 2009

More New Corset Belts

Here are a few more new corset belts. Theres black and white chequered, black and white striped and navy retro tattoo print which includes mermaids, anchors, skulls, dice, roses and other exciting things.

black and wwhite chequered corset belt

black and white stripes corset belt

navy retro tattoo print corset belt

navy retro tattoo print corset belt