Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Long Sleeved Tops & Studded Leggings!

More new-ish stuff! Well,...I say "new," but I'm so bad at keeping up to date on this that half of it is no longer all that new...But here are some pics anyways!

Hot Pink/Black Long Sleeved Gothic Lace Top

pink & black lace long sleeve gothic top

I decided to make some more long sleeved gothic tops in the same style as my top selling black gothic lace top but with some colour thrown in. First up I made one in hot pink stretch cotton with black lace center panel and sleeves with matching pink ribbon lace up. This top is also available made to measure in plus size.

When I posted it on facebook, I asked what colours my fans would most like to see and promised to make the colour with the most votes. And here it is...

gothic purple & black lace long sleeve top

Purple got the most votes, closely followed by red and blue, which I may also make when I next get some free time! :)

Black/White Comic Strip Hoodie Dress

Here's another (fairly) recent addition to my collection of long sleeved hooded dress tops in black and white comic strip cartoon print. Made to measure for regular and plus size.

comic strip cartoon print hoodie dress

And lastly here are a couple more pairs of studded leggings I never got round to posting....made with shimmery colourful lycra with cutaway panels filled with semi see through black lace and decorated with black faux leather and silver pyramid studs. Both are made to measure with a variety of different lengths to choose from.

Sexy Red Lycra/Lace Studded Leggings

lace and red lycra sexy studded leggings

Teal Lycra/Black Lace Studded Leggings

black lace and teal lycra studded leggings

Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Mini Dresses & Hoodie Dresses (Including Pantera/Guns N' Roses & Motorhead!)

Here are some dresses I've been working on over the past month or so :)

Guns N' Roses Studded, Lace up Mini Dress

A sexy, studded mini dress made with a Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction t shirt, with black leather look moulded and padded cups, decorated with a mix of pyramid, round and star shaped silver studs. The dress features a faux leather studded halter neck strap and decorative red ribbon lace ups on the hips. It is a one of a kind mini dress in a size 8/10 only. Full details can be seen by clicking the image.

Lace up Guns N' Roses Studded Mini Dress

Studded Motorhead Lace up Mini Dress

Black and white Motorhead mini dress featuring 'Ace of Spades' design with adjustable lace up sides running down to the hips and studded faux leather shoulder panels. This dress was one of a kind and has already sold.

Lace up Motorhead Studded Mini Dress

Studded Pantera Mini Dress

Another studded mini dress made with a Pantera t shirt, with moulded and padded wet look bra cups, studded with large silver pyramid studs and faux leather cross over straps, with rows of small silver studs.

Sexy Pantera Studded Mini Dress

Sexy Black Studded Mini Halter Dress

I decided to make a plain version of the band mini dresses in black stretch cotton with padded wet look, studded cups and studded halter neck strap, with wet look hem. It is available made to measure from the Strappy Dresses & Mini Dresses section of my website.

Sexy Black Wet Look Studded Mini Dress

Fluorescent Green Stripe Hooded Dress Top

Since it's getting colder I thought I'd make a couple of new hoodie dresses for casual wear which go down well this time of year! The first is made with stretch black cotton with strips of fluorescent green and black stripey fabric criss crossing across the front, matching stripe panels on the sleeves and cuffs, with big black hood lined with more green stripe.

Green Stripey Hooded Dress Top-regular & plus size

And another hooded dress top in black cotton with panels of grey leopard print jersey on the front, back and sleeves with leopard print lined hood and silver D rings on the shoulders. Both hoodie dresses are available made to measure for regular and plus size from the Long Sleeved Tops category on my site.

Grey Leopard Print Hooded Dress Top-regular & plus size

Monday, 11 November 2013

Studded Band Leggings!! (Motley Crue/Megadeth/Motorhead/Pantera)

Here are some more rock and heavy metal band leggings I've made over the past month or so. Most of them were one of a kind pairs of studded leggings and have already sold but I have been taking constant requests for custom pairs of band leggings so dont hesitate to get in touch if there's a particular band you fancy as leggings!

Black/Green Pantera Studded Leggings

This is my favourite pair. I made these studded Pantera leggings with black wet look and a blue/green "Far Beyond Driven" t shirt, cutting out panels and filling them with black fishnet and decorating them with lots of black faux leather and silver studded with a mini lace up panel on the calf, lacing in white ribbon, with Green Pantera text at the back.

Studded/Fishnet Pantera Leggings

Black/White Motorhead Studded Fishnet Leggings

As my first pair of Motorhead Leggings were so popular I decided to make a second pair, they are made with black leather look and wet look lycra with large Motorhead text running down the right thigh and the boarhead logo on the left, thoroughly decorated with a mix of rounded and pyramid studs with see through fishnet panels and super sexy open lace up backs, lacing in black ribbon.

Studded/Fishnet Motorhead Sexy Leggings

Sexy Black/Red Wet Look Motley Crue Leggings

I made these sexy Motley Crue leggings with black wet look and panels of red fishnet, with Motley Crue logo on each hip, studded with rows of small silver pyramid studs and small round studs lining the fishnet panels on the calves. This pair is currently still for sale in a size 8/10 from the Unique Rock Leggings category on my website.

Sexy Studded/Fishnet Motley Crue Leggings

Red/Black Megadeth Studded Lace up Leggings

Studded Megadeth leggings in wet look with strips of red and black studded faux leather, with open panels of red fishnet, with black ribbon lacing up with large silver studs.

Studded/Fishnet Lace up Wet Look Megadeth Leggings

Black/Blue Motley Crue "Time For a Change" Leggings

And lastly, I made these black and blue themed Motley Crue leggings a while ago but never got round to posting them. They are made with black leather look lycra and a reconstructed "Time For a Change T shirt" with studded fishnet and lace up panels and a mix of pyramid studs, round studs and silver star shaped studs.

Black blue studded Motley Crue Leggings

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NEW! Megadeth, WASP, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage Studded Clothing!

It's been a hectic couple of months but I finally found some time to write about what I've been up to. Here are some of my latest one of a kind alternative clothing items.

Megadeth Lace up Studded Mini Dress

A sexy little Megadeth studded mini dress made from a reconstructed "Endgame" T shirt, with black faux leather studded shoulder panels, open, adjustable sides that lace up with red ribbon and a mini lace up on the bust. The neck line and sleeves are decorated with black wet look binding and there's a sexy, snug fitting wet look hem which keeps the dress from rising up and keeps you feeling "secure" :) It is a one of a kind mini dress in a size 6/8/10 only, with specific measurements listed on my website under the One offs and Custom Clothing section.

Megadeth Studded Lace up Rocker Chick Mini dress

Sexy Studded WASP Mini Dress

So this one I'm keeping for myself but wanted to show it off anyways as I love it! Black and white WASP mini dress made from a Babylon is Burning t shirt with moulded cups, decorated with round silver studs and black faux leather studded crossover straps.

Black/White Studded WASP Mini dress

Strapless Iron Maiden Strapless Mini Dress

I originally made this Iron Maiden mini dress to keep for myself but then I made the WASP dress which I prefer so decided to sell this one and keep the WASP one. So this is a strapless mini dress with silver crossed guns logo on the front, with elasticized band around the bust to hold it up and adjustable lace up sides. It's available in roughly a size 6/8/10 and is now up for sale.

Iron Maiden Sexy, Strapless Lace up Mini dress

Studded Heaven & Hell Rock Chick Vest Top

Studded Heaven & Hell vest top with adjustable lace up sides in red ribbon and faux leather studded shoulder panels, with pointed front cut and high sides to show off the hips. This one is very adjustable as the and will fit a UK size 8/10/12.

Heaven & Hell Studded Lace up Top

Killswitch Engage Studded Lace up Vest Top

Another adjustable vest top with lace up sides with Killswitch Engage silver skull design and black faux leather studded shoulder panels. Roughly a UK size 8/10/12 also available under One of a kind clothing.

Killswitch Engage Studded Lace up Vest Top

Ozzy Osbourne Studded Bodysuit with Sexy Lace up Back

And lastly here's my first attempt at a bodysuit, which I made as a practice for a custom order but it turned out pretty nicely (if I do say so myself!) so I've listed it for sale, but at a discounted price seeing as it was my first one. It's an Ozzy Osbourne bodysuit with studded shoulder panels and a sexy open lace up back, lacing in black ribbon. It's roughly a UK size 8/10 and currently for sale with measurements listed on my site. Following this I made the order for a Motorhead lace up bodysuit and my customer loved it and will hopefully be sending me some pictures!

Sexy Lace up Ozzy Osbourne Studded Bodysuit

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My First Real My Little Halo Photoshoot : )

I had my first proper photoshoot a few weeks ago, which was pretty nerve-wracking after being my own photographer for so long! Anyway I thought I'd show off a few of my favourites from the day...

Photography by Natassja Thompson.

Black Wet Look Lace up Mini Dress

sexy black wet look lace up mini dress

A sexy mini dress made from shiny black wet look lycra with V-shaped lace up on the bust and another deep low cut lace up on the back. Made to measure for regular and plus size.

Studded Leatherette Vest & Red/Black Wet Look Lace up Leggings

studded leatherette top & wet look lace up leggings

A black leatherette studded vest top with zipper front fastening, sexy open lace up back and round silver studs decorating the bust, with black wet look leggings featuring red leatherette studded detail and open cutaways laced up with black ribbon.

Gothic Black Satin Corset Dress

gothic black satin lace up corset dress

black satin goth corset dress

A gothic corset dress made with black satin and black tulle, featuring a fitted upper body with corset style lace up detail on the front and a gathered tutu skirt with two tiers of black satin and two tiers of thick black tulle netting. There is a second lace up panel on the back. Made to measure for regular and plus size.

Wet Look Spikey Cut Vest Top & Jade Velvet Fishtail Skirt

black wet look spikey vest & jade velvet gothic fishtail skirt

A spikey cut sexy wet look vest top, with high cut sides and back and long gothic fishtail skirt in jade crushed velvet with alternating panels of black lace and black lace mini over skirt. Made to measure for regular and plus size.

Monday, 5 August 2013

IRON MAIDEN Rock/Metal Leggings! (Trooper, Killers, Final Frontier & Custom Designs!)

So this post is a little bit delayed but here are a few more pairs of Iron Maiden leggings I've been working on recently...

Iron Maiden "The Trooper" Studded/Lace up Leggings

Iron Maiden The Trooper Studded Lace up Leggings

Another one of a kind pair of studded Iron Maiden rocker chick leggings I made using a Trooper t shirt...I decided to go with the red and blue theme of the Union Jack flag that Eddie is holding in the image as well as the text, so I added some panels of red fishnet and long lace up panels reaching from the ankle up to knees, lacing up in red and blue ribbon with lots of silver studs and another mini lace up panel joining the bits of text on the thigh, lacing up in blue. The main fabric is sexy black leather look lycra and the backs are plain black. They are one of a kind and still available to buy from the One of a Kind Rock Leggings part of my website.

Iron Maiden "Killers" Red/Black Studded/Fishnet Leggings

Iron Maiden Red Killers Studded Fishnet Leggings

I also made this pair of "Killers" rock leggings with red lycra front and black wet look backs, Iron Maiden text on the right hip and large Eddie image on the left thigh. In keeping with the asymmetry, I added a long lace up panel on the left calf, studded with large silver studs and some panels of black fishnet on the other leg with some silver studded black faux leather in between. This pair have sold but I'm happy to take custom orders-I've already had orders for custom designs based around both these pairs!

Iron Maiden Black & Red Heavy Metal Studded Leggings

Iron Maiden Red/Black Heavy Metal Studded Leggings

This pair is probably my favourite, and the most time consuming! I love the crossed guns logo so went with that on the thigh, fitting below an open lace up panel, showing a bit of skin and the Iron Maiden text on the other leg, surrounded by silver pyramid studs. I wanted to keep them mainly black and silver but also to tie in a bit of red to match the red of the text, so added a red lace up panel on the calf as well as a whole bunch more silver studs. To make them a bit more exciting at the back, I put in some long panels of red ribbon that lace up right to the top of thigh which I think looks pretty sexy. This pair is still available as a one of a kind design, view them on my website by clicking the image!

Custom Iron Maiden "Final Frontier" Studded Leggings

Custom Clothing Iron Maiden Final Frontier Studded Leggings

And lastly, here's a quick photo I took of a pair of custom leggings I made using a Final Frontier T shirt the customer sent me. She wanted them in the same style as the Fear of the Dark leggings I made a while ago, with the large "Iron Maiden" text going down one leg with a lace up panel stitching the writing together in the middle and images from the T shirt on the other leg, mixed in with some black lace and antique look pyramid studs. I loved how they turned out, hope she does too....and just as a recap, here's the original pair...

Studded Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark Rock Leggings

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Iron Maiden Leggings, Motorhead Leggings & Sexy WASP Vest Top

So I swear since I posted that first pair of Iron Maiden leggings on facebook, I've spent pretty much ALL my time replying to requests for more pairs in different sizes and for custom pairs with various bands and searching for suitable rock and metal band t shirts to make them with! They are so much fun to make but do take me quite a long time and the cost of having to buy the band t shirts to work with means that they are quite expensive to make as well :( Anyway I'm enjoying myself too much to stop, so I made a few more things using band t shirts this week!

First I made some black and white wet look Motorhead leggings, with large boar image on the left thigh and "Motorhead" text on the right, surrounded by lots of silver studs. On the lower legs I cut out some triangular panels and filled them with black lace and surrounded them with black faux leather and mix of round and pyramid shaped silver studs. They are currently available in a size 8/10 but the specific measurements are all listed with the description under the One of a Kind Rock Leggings section on my website.

Motorhead Lace & Studs Wet Look Leggings

Motorhead lace and studs wet look leggings

Next I used the Iron Maiden "Killers" T shirt to make another pair of Iron Maiden leggings, this time using red lycra for the front and black wet look for the back. I used the "Iron Maiden" text on the upper right thigh and the image of Eddie on the left and decorated them, as usual with lots of silver studs. I cut out some panels to fill with black fishnet on the lower right leg and added some faux leather and more studs and to keep in with the asymmetry of the design, I added a long lace up panel on the lower left leg, lacing in black ribbon. This pair sold right after I posted them on facebook so I will be making more soon!

Iron Maiden Red/Black "killers" Studded Leggings

Red/Black Iron Maiden Killers Studded Fishnet leggings

And lastly I made this sexy WASP top from a reconstructed "Babylon is Burning" T shirt with winged skull design on the front. It has low cut front with mini lace up on the bust in white faux leather with black ribbon and matching white faux leather down the sides with adjustable lace up fastenings. It is roughly a size 6/8/10 with the full measurements listed under the One Offs and Custom Clothing" part of my site.

Black/White Wasp "Babylon is Burning" Lace up Vest Top

WASP Babylon is Burning Lace up vest Top

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Customized Iron Maiden/Motorhead/Guns N' Roses Clothing!

Rock & Heavy Metal Band Studded Leggings and Tops

My first pair of Iron Maiden leggings sold within a few minutes of listing them and I've had tons of requests for more pairs so I made these from a Fear of The Dark T shirt. The main body is made with black leather look lycra, with large Eddie design on the left thigh with a cutaway panel filled with black lace on the lower leg and an assortment of silver and antique look gold pyramid studs on faux black and white leather. The right leg features "Iron" on the thigh and "Maiden" on the calf, with mini lace up panel in the middle giving the appearance of being stitched together. This pair also sold within a few minutes of listing them on my website so I plan to make some more very soon.

Iron Maiden Fear of The Dark Studded Leggings

Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark Studded Leggings

and here's the original pair...

Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Eddie Studded Leggings

Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Studded Leggings

Unfortunately I can only make these one of a kind pairs of leggings in small sizes as I have no one else to model them, but I am more than happy to take custom orders from anyone who would like to send me a band t shirt to work from.

Following the success of these I thought I'd make some studded vest tops from rock band t shirts. The first one I made was this Motorhead black vest top, made with a reconstructed Ace of Spades t shirt. It has large silver studded faux leather panels on the shoulders and adjustable lace up sides with more faux leather and lacing with black ribbon. The front has a pointed cut to show off the hips and the top has a higher cut at the back, great for showing off a lower back tattoo-something I like to incorporate into a lot of my designs! This one also sold right away.

Motorhead Aces of Spades Studded Vest Top

Motorhead Ace of Spades Studded Lace up Vest

And lastly, this one I made today and have literally just finished editing the photos for! A Guns N' Roses studded lace up top with classic logo featuring roses and guns, with white faux leather lace up sides featuring black eyelets and black ribbon, with matching white faux leather studded panels on the shoulder with round black studs! It is largely adjustable due to the lace up sides and will fit roughly a UK size 8/10/12 but the specific measurements are listed in the product description in my one offs and custom clothing category.

Guns N' Roses Studded Lace up Vest Top

Guns N' Roses Studded Lace up Vest

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Right, I'm in dire need of purchasing a new sewing machine, since my main machine has died and now I'm running on my back up machine, with nothing to back that up! So...I've been adding tons of great items to my sale items section today. Unfortunately they are all roughly the same size as they are the originals I made to photograph, however if you're about the same size as me then it's your lucky day! The sizes are approximate and all measurements are listed in the product descriptions, viewable by clicking on the photos.

Sexy Little Black Studded Rock Chick Dress SIZE 8/10

First off-this dress I initially made for myself to wear out on New Year's Eve however I caught the Flu the day before and so ended up spending my new years eve tucked under a blanket on my mum's sofa, wallowing in self pity (and snot). Dont worry the snot, was kept well away from the dress! Anyway, sadly since then I haven't really been to any events worthy of dressing up and so this dress has just been sitting in my wardrobe and now I'm in need of money I've decided to part with it. It is made from thick ponte roma jersey which is stretchy and snug. It has a front zipper fastening which is reinforced with steel boning and the front is decorated with pyramid studded faux leather under the bust and running down the center. And there are a couple of shoulder panels with more studs on too. I fitted a thick stretchy band around the bottom of the dress to keep it from rising up, (which is often my insecurity when wearing mini dresses like this!)

Sexy Little Black Studded Rock Dress

Pink Zebra Print Open Lace up Sides Pencil Skirt SIZE 8/10

A super sexy pencil skirt in hot pink zebra print overlayed with black lace, with daring open sides which lace up with black ribbon and can be adjusted to fit. It has an elasticized black waistband so can be warn high or low depending on taste.

SALE PRICE: £24.99 (Reduced from £34.99)

Sexy Pink Zebra Print Open Lace Up Pencil Skirt

Leather Look & Leopard Print Lace up Pencil Skirt SIZE 8/10

A high waisted pencil skirt made with black leather look and velvety leopard print side panels with black ribbon lace ups over the top and elasticized black waistband.

SALE PRICE: £24.99 (Reduced from £35.99)

Leather Look & Leopard Print High Waisted Pencil Skirt

Fluorescent Green Stripe & Star Print Leggings SIZE 10/12

These leggings are completely unique and one of a kind as I made them using up the remains of some discontinued fabrics I had left over. Fluorescent green stripes and black and white star print panels on a black cotton background with plain black backs.

SALE PRICE: £19.99 (Reduced from £32.99)

Fluorescent Green Stripe and Star Print Leggings

Wet Look & Lace Studded Rock Leggings SIZE 8/10

This is one of my favourite pairs of studded leggings I've made and definitely one of the most popular! They are made with sexy black wet look lycra with cutaway panels down each leg, filled with pretty black lace and encased with black faux leather strips which are decorated with silver pyramid studs.

SALE PRICE: £29.99 (Regular price: £42.99)

Sexy Black Wet Look & Lace Studded Leggings

Pink Tartan Corset Dress SIZE 8

I recently added a hot pink version of my top selling tartan corset dress to my collection and this is the original. It has a fitted upper body in pink tartan and black cotton/lace overlay with black halter neck strap, front zip fastening and silver metal D rings, lacing up with black ribbon at the front. The skirt part of the dress is formed with 2 tiers of gathered pink tartan and black floral lace.

SALE PRICE: £39.99 (Regular price: £64.99)

Hot Pink Tartan Lace Up Corset Dress

Black & White Zebra Print Lace Shrug SIZE 6/8

And lastly-I love this little shrug but unfortunately I can no longer get hold of the fabric so this is the last one. It's a long sleeved tie up shrug top in really soft and light black/white swirly zebra print mesh/lace fabric. I like tops like this that pull the waist in and emphasize the bodies natural curves.

Black & White Zebra Print Lace Shrug

SALE PRICE: £14.99 (Regular price: £23.99)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Iron Maiden Leggings (and some others!)

So last week was my birthday and it was so nice taking a bit of time off to catch up with my friends-normally I work too long hours to really go out very often so it was great to be able to actually wear some of my own clothes out for once! Anyway now that I'm well rested and back to reality, I've been working on some new leggings. I made this one of a kind pair of Iron Maiden studded leggings using a T shirt I was given, with large Eddie design on one thigh and panels of black lace on the opposite thigh and lower leg. I wanted to use colours that would compliment the printed design so I used some red and black faux leather and added a mix of silver and gold round and pyramid studs and a mini lace up panel with red faux leather and gold lace up on one side only to keep the asymmetrical and random. I loved how these turned out and was so pleased when they sold as soon as I posted them on facebook.

I love making unique leggings such as these and so am happy to take any custom requests for leggings or trousers in a similar style with the band of your choice, providing a band t shirt can be sent to me to work with!

Iron Maiden Studded Rocker Chick Leggings..

Iron Maiden Studded Rock Leggings

I've been getting a few requests for an old leggings design in leopard print which I can no longer make due to availability of fabrics, so I decided to replace and update the old design with these glam rock inspired leggings. The main body is made with black lycra, with symmetrical front decoration in hot pink glittery leopard print and panels of black and silver glitter star print lycra. They are available custom made to measure in regular and plus size up to a maximum size of 50 inch hips.

Pink Leopard & Silver Star Print Glam Rock Leggings..

Pink Leopard Print and Silver Stars Glam Rock Leggings

A couple days ago I posted a photo of some custom studded lycra and fishnet leggings that were ordered a couple of weeks ago and was instantly bombarded with messages asking me to make more. So I decided to make a similar pair to sell on my website as a regular item. They have a main body in black lycra with large cut out panels filled with fishnet on the thighs and lower leg and decorated with studded black faux leather and mixture of silver pyramid studs and round studs.

Black Lycra & Fishnet Studded Leggings

Saturday, 8 June 2013

New Mini Dresses & Corset Dress!

I recently added a new mini dress to my collection of summery strappy dresses & mini dresses-made from glossy black wet look, sexy skin tight with lace up on the bust and a deep, low cut lacing up back. This dress will be made to measure and is available to regular and plus size.

Glossy Black Wet Look Mini Dress-with lace up front & back

lace up black wet look mini dress

I've been trying to find some cool new fabrics to make more long sleeved dresses and hooded dress tops with, since I can no longer get the fabrics for most of the ones I made last year. This is such a pain since the skull and crossbones dress top was so popular! Anyway I came across this gothic crosses print last week and made this new dress top with crosses print panels on front and back, large front pocket and lined hood. I'm making it to measure for regular and plus size too!

Black & White Gothic Crosses Hooded Dress Top

>black/white gothic crosses hooded dress top

And lastly for today-an up-cycled suede bustier with fringe, adjustable lace up front and black faux leather studded decorative bits made from a top I was given but never wore because it didn't fit. The bustier is roughly a size 8/10 and can be found in the custom and one off clothing part of my website.

Up-cycled Suede Fringe Studded Bustier...

up-cycled suede fringe studded bustier

And...I decided to make my top selling style of tartan corset dress available in more colours, starting with hot pink! It has a fitted upper body in pink tartan and black lace with D-ring corset style lace up front, zipper fastening and halter neck strap. with a two tier gathered skirt in pink tartan and black lace. Available in regular and plus size from the corset dresses section of my site. Other colours available so far include red and turquoise : )

hot pink tartan lace up corset dress

red tartan lace up corset dress

hot pink tartan lace up corset dress