Wednesday, 26 May 2010

2 New Zipper Tops + 2 New Skirts

As always I'm really behind on this! Here are my new things from last week. There are two zip up bustier style tops in black and white stripe and black and blue peaspot, they both have halterneck straps and decorative lace up crosses on each side at the front and the black and white stripe has a black lacey trim around the bust and waist edges of the top. This has to be one of my favourites that I've made so far :)

black and whtie stripe gothic bustier top

black and whtie stripe gothic bustier top

blue polka dot lace up gothic top

I also added a couple of new skirts to my site last week in watermelon print and skulls and roses. The have stretchy black waistbands with decorative lace up ribbon detail and pleated rah rah style lower half.

red and black watermelons print punky rah rah skirt

black gothic skulls and roses punky rah rah skirt

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Watermelon and Skulls Dresses

Okay much later than promised here is my new watermelon print dress. (I suck at keeping up to date on this thing). It has a fitted upper half and big tutu style lower half. It has a zipper fastening at the front and instead of the usual lace up corset front, it has 2 big black bows on the hips.watermelon print tutu gothic dress

watermelon print tutu gothic dress

Another recent addition is this black version of my earlier cream skulls and roses post. I couldn't decide which colour print I liked best so thought I'd do both.

black emo skulls and roses print tutu gothic dress

black emo skulls and roses print tutu gothic dress

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Skulls and Roses Tutu Dress

Here's my most recent dress, I actually made it about a month ago, but only just got round to photographing it as I've been overloaded with orders this month! I also got an order for this dress the day I listed it on my website, so yay! The dress is made from gothic cream coloured skulls and roses printed fabric and the top half has a fitted bodice type thing, made from 5 panels, with a zipper fastening at the front and a v shaped scoop in the middle and there's a lace up ribbon panel overlapping the zip. The lower half is in a tutu style with lots of gathers and pleats and black netting at the bottom.

skulls and roses print tutu dress



I've just finished another new dress in watermelon print which will I will hopefully have pictures for within the next couple of days!