Sunday, 21 July 2013

Iron Maiden Leggings, Motorhead Leggings & Sexy WASP Vest Top

So I swear since I posted that first pair of Iron Maiden leggings on facebook, I've spent pretty much ALL my time replying to requests for more pairs in different sizes and for custom pairs with various bands and searching for suitable rock and metal band t shirts to make them with! They are so much fun to make but do take me quite a long time and the cost of having to buy the band t shirts to work with means that they are quite expensive to make as well :( Anyway I'm enjoying myself too much to stop, so I made a few more things using band t shirts this week!

First I made some black and white wet look Motorhead leggings, with large boar image on the left thigh and "Motorhead" text on the right, surrounded by lots of silver studs. On the lower legs I cut out some triangular panels and filled them with black lace and surrounded them with black faux leather and mix of round and pyramid shaped silver studs. They are currently available in a size 8/10 but the specific measurements are all listed with the description under the One of a Kind Rock Leggings section on my website.

Motorhead Lace & Studs Wet Look Leggings

Motorhead lace and studs wet look leggings

Next I used the Iron Maiden "Killers" T shirt to make another pair of Iron Maiden leggings, this time using red lycra for the front and black wet look for the back. I used the "Iron Maiden" text on the upper right thigh and the image of Eddie on the left and decorated them, as usual with lots of silver studs. I cut out some panels to fill with black fishnet on the lower right leg and added some faux leather and more studs and to keep in with the asymmetry of the design, I added a long lace up panel on the lower left leg, lacing in black ribbon. This pair sold right after I posted them on facebook so I will be making more soon!

Iron Maiden Red/Black "killers" Studded Leggings

Red/Black Iron Maiden Killers Studded Fishnet leggings

And lastly I made this sexy WASP top from a reconstructed "Babylon is Burning" T shirt with winged skull design on the front. It has low cut front with mini lace up on the bust in white faux leather with black ribbon and matching white faux leather down the sides with adjustable lace up fastenings. It is roughly a size 6/8/10 with the full measurements listed under the One Offs and Custom Clothing" part of my site.

Black/White Wasp "Babylon is Burning" Lace up Vest Top

WASP Babylon is Burning Lace up vest Top

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Customized Iron Maiden/Motorhead/Guns N' Roses Clothing!

Rock & Heavy Metal Band Studded Leggings and Tops

My first pair of Iron Maiden leggings sold within a few minutes of listing them and I've had tons of requests for more pairs so I made these from a Fear of The Dark T shirt. The main body is made with black leather look lycra, with large Eddie design on the left thigh with a cutaway panel filled with black lace on the lower leg and an assortment of silver and antique look gold pyramid studs on faux black and white leather. The right leg features "Iron" on the thigh and "Maiden" on the calf, with mini lace up panel in the middle giving the appearance of being stitched together. This pair also sold within a few minutes of listing them on my website so I plan to make some more very soon.

Iron Maiden Fear of The Dark Studded Leggings

Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark Studded Leggings

and here's the original pair...

Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Eddie Studded Leggings

Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Studded Leggings

Unfortunately I can only make these one of a kind pairs of leggings in small sizes as I have no one else to model them, but I am more than happy to take custom orders from anyone who would like to send me a band t shirt to work from.

Following the success of these I thought I'd make some studded vest tops from rock band t shirts. The first one I made was this Motorhead black vest top, made with a reconstructed Ace of Spades t shirt. It has large silver studded faux leather panels on the shoulders and adjustable lace up sides with more faux leather and lacing with black ribbon. The front has a pointed cut to show off the hips and the top has a higher cut at the back, great for showing off a lower back tattoo-something I like to incorporate into a lot of my designs! This one also sold right away.

Motorhead Aces of Spades Studded Vest Top

Motorhead Ace of Spades Studded Lace up Vest

And lastly, this one I made today and have literally just finished editing the photos for! A Guns N' Roses studded lace up top with classic logo featuring roses and guns, with white faux leather lace up sides featuring black eyelets and black ribbon, with matching white faux leather studded panels on the shoulder with round black studs! It is largely adjustable due to the lace up sides and will fit roughly a UK size 8/10/12 but the specific measurements are listed in the product description in my one offs and custom clothing category.

Guns N' Roses Studded Lace up Vest Top

Guns N' Roses Studded Lace up Vest