Thursday, 29 June 2017

New Collection Due for Release July 1st!!

My next collection of heavy metal fashion is due for release this Saturday, July 1st at 5pm uk time. The collection includes studded pants, high waisted leggings, leather vests & hotpants.

Here's the collection and you can see the pricing and measurements in advance on the My Little Halo Alternative Clothing website.
High Waisted Leather Look Strap Panel Pants

Black & Grey Shark Fin Design Pants

Black & Grey Shark Fin Studded Leather Vest

Spandex Studded Gothic Leggings

Gunmetal Studded Leather Vest

Khaki Leather Fringe Flares

Glitter Mesh Front Lace Up Pants

Studded denim and leather ACDC vest
Leather & Denim Studded AC/DC Vest

Black Widow Leather Look Collar Dress

High Waisted Leather Look Hot Pants
High Waisted Stretch Leather Look Hotpants

Leather Look Pants
Stretch Leather Look Pants

Pink Zebra Print Glam Rock Studded Pants
High Waisted Pink Zebra Print Studded Glam Rock Pants

Red Lace, Denim & Spandex Studded Leggings

Saturday, 3 June 2017

My Little Halo is Back in Business!

My Little Halo Reopening

As of June 1st 2017 My Little Halo is open again for business!

A Little Backstory

I closed down in December 2016 due to long term health problems caused by prolonged stress and working myself to the bone, but after a good 6 months rest I took the decision to reopen on a smaller scale where the stress levels would be kept to a minimum. I just felt totally lost without having the ability to create my metal clothing designs and realised that I needed it in my life just as much as I needed the stress out of my life. Without this creative outlet I became seriously depressed and felt worthless. In the end it was all about finding the balance and it took for me to throw it all away to appreciate how much I actually needed My Little Halo to remain a part of me.

Now My Little Halo is back up and running with smaller but more frequent metal fashion collections being released. Where before I was releasing 1 big collection per month, I am now aiming to release 2 small collections every fortnight so there will be a constant flow of new designs coming and going! Be sure to follow My Little Halo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for announcements and previews of my latest alternative clothing and metal fashion coming to store!

Here are a few items that are currently available for purchase from my store. All items are totally handmade by myself and one of a kind so you can be sure that no one else in the world has the same piece of clothing.

Click here to check out the latest metal fashion from My Little Halo now!