Monday, 28 January 2013

NEW!! Top, Skirt & Dress!

I have been working on a few new bits this week. First up is a gothic/burlesque style corset top in red satin, overlaid with black lace and lined with black cotton. The top has a halter neck strap, front zip fastening that opens right out and a black ribbon lace up corset style front panel. The bust and lower hem are finished with black lace trim. This corset top is now available on my website in regular and plus size!

Red Satin Burlesque Corset Top....

red satin lace burlesque corset top

Next is a cute new zebra print mini skirt made with a black stretch cotton waistband, gathered black and pink zebra print lycra over an underskirt of black lace which is finished with a lace trim. The waistband features large silver eyelet strips with bright pink lace up corset style front. This skirt is available in regular and plus size from the punky skirts section of my website.

Pink Zebra Print Mini Skirt...

 pink zebra print mini skirt

And lastly, this dress was actually a custom order that got lost in the post, and after sending a replacement, the original turns up at my door. So I added the pre-made dress to my sale and it sold right away but I also added it as a regular item to my website available to regular and plus size from the long sleeved dresses part of my site. It will only be around for as long as fabric stocks last though!

Its a hooded dress top in black and cream skulls print with black sleeves, skull print hood lined with black cotton, black front pocket and skull print cuffs on the sleeves.

Cream Skulls Print Hooded Dress Top...

cream skulls print hooded dress top

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Leggings & Leopard Print Dress Top

Well so far this year I swear I have literally not stopped sewing. The orders have been flowing in which is amazing, never imagined my little clothing company would ever be doing this well! :D Though I hope I will soon be able to find time to make lots of new things. I did manage to make these one of a kind zebra print leggings just before new years, which sold pretty much right away. They are black cotton lycra leggings with criss-crossing front panels of cream and black zebra print jersey and skulls print, with plain black backs and a cute matching skull print waistband.

cream skull and zebra print leggings

I really liked this design but it was a one of a kind pair, using up my remnants of this zebra print fabric which is no longer available. So I decided to make another similar pair of leggings in pink zebra print and the same skulls print since I still have a fair bit of this fabric and these will be a regular item in regular and plus size, for a limited time only while the fabrics are still around! They are available from the tights and leggings section of my website.

Pink zebra print and skulls patterned leggings

And lastly, I made another hooded dress top, since they seem to be my most popular items at the moment (after leggings!) This one is made from black cotton with panels of velvety tan and brown shimmery leopard print on the front and back, with a leopard print hood, lined with black and matching front pocket and cuffs on the sleeves. It's available custom made to fit regular and plus size.

velvety tan leopard print dress top