Friday, 30 March 2012

Black High Waisted Leggings

I made some high waisted leggings! I'm really liking the high waist look with clothing at the moment so I thought I'd try it out. These are plain black, high quality spandex lycra high waisted and full length leggings. The spandex lycra fabric is really comfortable and really stretchy so it's easy to get into but it also hugs the legs, giving a sexy skin tight appearance. The elasticated waistband comfortably hugs the waist's naturally thinnest part and emphasizes curves.

I know they're not that alternative, but I thought they'd make a great accompaniment to any outfit and if these sell well, I will think about making some high waisted leggings in different patterns and prints!

Black High Waisted Leggings...
black high waisted leggings

Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Black Slashes Mini Dress

Another new summer-y dress I recently made-It's quite simple but pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself! It's basically a punky vest top dress with gothic slashes down the back which knot up to create a cool effect on the back, revealing the back without revealing too much! I think this will be perfect for summer as it's simple, sexy and comfortable and the open back will keep you cool! I've always been a bit self conscious about wear short skirts or dresses in case they ride up and make me look like a tramp, so I added double thickness of cotton around the bottom of the dress that pulls it in a bit and keeps the dress from riding up.
I wasn't sure what to do on the front of the dress, but eventually ended up doing a simple little matching bit on the bust with a couple of knotted slashes just to tie it in with the theme of the back.

black slashes mini dress

black gothic slashes dress

black slashed summer dress

gothic punk slash summer dress

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Zebra Print Shrug!

Here's some more of what I've been making....

As I had loads of the zebra lace fabric left from the dress I made, I decided to make a cute matching shrug jacket. It's the same semi transparent mesh lace stuff, it's really soft and stretchy. Instead of buttoning or zipping up the two sides tie up in a knot at the thinnest part of the waist to accentuate curves and I added some elastic around the waist so it really holds the thin part of the waist in nice and comfortably. I love this style of jacket, it's perfect for the coming summer as it's thin enough to keep you cool but enough fabric to give the arms a bit of warmth and cool print adds a bit of excitement to an outfit :)

Zebra print lace shrug jacket

Zebra print lace shrug jacket

Zebra print lace shrug jacket

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Zebra Print Strapless Summer Dress

I've been making a few new things this week, they are a little different from my usual style, slightly more feminine and pretty summery I think!

The first is a cute strapless summer dress made with stretchy black cotton and panels of black and white swirly zebra print meshy lace down each side. The lace is a little see through, just enough to be sexy without being too trashy! I added elastic to the boob tube bust to ensure that it will stay up comfortably and thick cotton at the bottom to ensure the dress doesn't ride up. Two annoying tendencies of this type of dress that usually prevent me from feeling comfortable enough to wear them out....problem solved and I will definitely be wearing this one out this summer, it's so comfy!

Zebra Print Lace Strapless Summer Dress...

zebra print lace strapless dress
zebra print mesh boob tube dress
punk, emo strapless summer dress

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Update Pics of Black and White Stripe Zipper Top

Yesterday when I was taking photos for my new denim biker chick style vest top, I decided to take a couple of updated pictures of one of my favourite tops. I love this top but I dont think the old photos were doing it enough justice.

It's my black and white stripe zipper top which is a fitted top made with black and white stripe cotton, front zipper fastening that opens right out, decorative metal silver eyelets on the bust which lace up with black ribbon and tie up at the bottom and black lace trim around the bust and bottom edge of the top...

Black and White Stripe Zipper Top...
black and white gothic stripe corset top
black and white emo stripe lace up corset top

Denim Biker Chick Crop Top!!

As I was so chuffed with how my last custom order turned out, I decided to make a similar one for myself! I also had a few people asking if I was going to put the custom order on the website to sell, but since I was aiming to replicate the top Kat on D wears for the customer, I didn't want to put it on the site as a regular item, as it would be a bit insulting to blatantly rip off the designer who made Kat's top. So I made a new one that is similar but much more different to Kat's one.
It's a glam rock, biker chick style cropped vest top, with a zipper fastening down the front, large eyelets and black faux leather strips down the middle. The sides of the top feature more black faux leather strips, with metal silver eyelets and black ribbon lace up bits. The lace up bits can be used to adjust the tightness of the top as well as looking awesome.
Anyway I am so happy with the result that I've taken some photos and added it to the tops section of my website..

Here are some pictures....

Denim Biker Chick Crop Top...
denim biker chick top
denim glam rock top
rocker chick lace up top
kat von d style denim top

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Custom Order: Totally Badass Denim Vest!!

Today I've been working on another custom order. This took me waaayyy longer than I had anticipated, but I dont care because I thoroughly enjoyed making it and am totally in love with the finished result, if I do say so myself!

The customer was looking for a Kat Von D style denim vest top with lace up bits, pockets and studs.

The zipper fastening actually zips up all the way, but can be adjusted according to taste. The front features a cute mini pocket on each side of the bust with double popper fastening, the middle is decorated with black faux leather, as are the sides, with large metal eyelet studs and ribbon lacing them up. Which means the tightness can be adjusted too! And lots more big metal eyelets down the middle to finish it off.

I'm well chuffed with this custom order, I hope she likes it!

So here we are...
Kat Von D inspired Denim Vest Top...
Kat Von D denim vest top
Kat Von D denim vest top
Kat Von D denim vest top

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Custom White Mini Skirt

Been working on a custom order today. It's a white mini skirt with a stretchy cotton waistband and white ribbon lace up corset style front detail. The skirt has a gathered lower half with two tiers of white cotton overlayed with white floral lace.

White Lace Corset Skirt....
white lace corset skirt

Friday, 16 March 2012

Stuff I'm Working on..

Looks like today is going to be another hectic one, here are some of the things I'll be working on over today and tomorrow...

Turquoise Tartan Mini Skirt...

A punky mini skirt with turquoise blue punk tartan fabric with lots and lots of gathers, with a stretchy black waistband and lace up matching blue ribbon and metal D-rings.

blue tartan punk mini skirt

Long Sleeved Gothic Lace Top....

A long sleeved gothic top with black lace sleeves, decorative lace up front with translucent lace middle.

long sleeved lace up gothic to

Red Tartan Mini Skirt..

A red tartan gothic/punk style cute mini skirt with lace up front and decorative metal D-rings.

red tartan punk mini skirt

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Since my turquoise tartan corset dress has been so popular since I put it on the website, I decided I'd give my customers a bit more variety by making the same dress in an alternate colour. So here's my latest red tartan corset dress.

This corset dress has a fitted upper half with panels of red tartan and black cotton overlayed with black lace. It has a black lacey halterneck strap and a zipper fastening at the front, which is decorated with an overlapping lace up corset front with metal D-rings and black ribbon. The lower half of the dress is made of of two tiers of red tartan and black floral lace with lots of gathering to make it puffy!

It's now available on my website, custom hand made to fit any size up to a maximum bust of 50".

Red Punk Tartan Corset Dress...

red, black tartan punk dress

red, black tartan corset dress

punk tartan corset dress

red halter neck punk dress

gothic tartan prom dress

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Some Stuff I've Been Working On :)

It has been another hectic week for me, I've hardly had time to write! Here are some of the things I've been working on..

Zebra Print Underbust Corset...
An underbust fully steel boned corset made with black and white zebra print cotton with an adujustable white ribbon lace up front fastening.

black and white zebra print underbust corset

Purple Spider Web Lace Up Top...
A fitted corset style top in purple gothic spider web lace with black ribbon lace up decorative front and zipper front fastening.

Purple spider web lace up corset top

Black Gothic Lace Mini Skirt...
A gothic mini skirt with a stretchy waistband and three tiers of pretty black black with decorative lace up black ribbon bits.

black gothic lace mini skirt

Pink Zebra Print Lace Up Corset Belt...
A cute waistbelt/corset belt made from pink and black zebra print with black ribbon lace up adjustable front fastening.

pink zebra print lace up corset belt

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mothers Day Crafts I made

This year I decided that for mothers day instead of sending the usual bouquet of flowers, I'd make my own! At first I planned to make her a bag as she gets a lot of use out of the last tote I made her so I thought I'd help expand her collection with a new one, then I thought.."how can I decorate it?" which is where the flowers came in. She also loves wearing brooches, so I made them detachable so she can wear them on her clothes too. I had a lot of fun making them, I think they're prettier than real flowers, a lot cheaper and they last a lot longer too! I made them from lots of layers of black, jade and silver lace, with satin ribbon which I cut into petals and burned the edges with a lighter to make them curl upwards like real petals. Then I added lots of sparkly beads to finish them off.

I also decided to make my boyfriends mum a little matching purse with some flowers too and this is how they came out. They were both very happy with them :)

Peacock feather printed tote bag, with inside keys pocket and flower pins!

peacock feather tote bag

Peacock feather coin purse/make up bag with pin flowers...

peacock feather purse

Friday, 9 March 2012

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND: Zebra Stars Leggings

After quickly selling my original pair of zebra and star print patchwork punk leggings, due to popular demand I decided to make another similar pair in a unique one off style.
They are made from alternating panels of black stretchy soft cotton, black and white star print and black and off white zebra print jersey fabric, with a super stretch elasticated waist.

They will fit a UK size 10/12.

*WAISTBAND= 29" up to 33"
*HIPS= 35" up to 39"

Zebra Stars Patchwork Punk Leggings....

emo black, white zebra stars leggings
emo star print & zebra print leggings


This week has been totally crazy, I havent taken a day off in 12 days but I've finally just about caught up on my clothing orders and found some time to make a couple of new things.

The first is my all time favourite pair of punk leggings I've ever made, they are black and white patchwork and totally unique, in alternating panels of black and white stripes, black and white star print and black metallic lycra. They have a super stretchy waistband and will fit a UK size 10/12.

*WAISTBAND= 29" up to 33"
*HIPS= 34" up to 38"

Patchwork Stars & Stripes Punk Leggings...
black and white star zebra print leggings
gothic, punk star zebra print leggings

The second is another pair of patchwork leggings made from alternating panels of black cotton and pink zebra print and purple leopard print, pink and black on one side and purple and black on the other. The fabric is super stretchy, as is the elasticated waist and therefore these leggings will fit a wide range of sizes, from a UK size 10 up to 14.

*WAISTBAND= 30" up to 35"
*HIPS= 36" up to 40"

Patchwork Animal Print Punk Leggings...

emo, scene animal print zebra, leopard leggings
punk animal print zebra, leopard leggings

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Emo/Gothic Leggings

My patchwork leggings seem to be selling fast at the moment! I might have make some more soon...But for now here are some of what's left!

Black & Gold Mesh/Wet Look Patchwork Leggings....
black and gold mesh wet look leggings

Black & White Dogtooth Patterned Patchwork Leggings....
black and white dogtooth punk, emo leggings

Gothic Black Lace & Wet Look Patchwork Leggings...
black gothic lace and wet look leggings

Black & Leopard Print Emo/Scene Patchwork Leggings...
black and leopard print patterned patchwork leggings

Black & Purple Stripe Emo/Gothic Leggings...
black and purple two tone stripey emo patchwork leggings

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I've Been Busy!

Okay so this has been the busiest work week of my life! Suddenly the orders are coming in almost faster than I can make them, but I've been sewing constantly and here are some of the items I've made so far or am currently in the process of making!

Turquoise Tartan Zipper Corset Top...

A punky corset style top made from turquoise blue tartan and black lace with decorative eyelets and matching turquoise ribbon lace up crosses at the front.

Punk, alternative corset top in blue tartan

Pink Tartan Zipper Corset Top...

A cute fitted corset style top made from black lace and pink tartan with decorative eyelets and matching bright pink ribbon lace up crosses at the front.

Punk, alternative corset top in hot pink tartan

Black Gothic Lace Tee...

A black gothic top with a black cotton lower half and an upper half made with black floral lace. The top has a stretchy cotton collar and elasticated gathered sleeves.

gothic black floral lace tee with collar

Turquoise Tartan Lace Up Corset Dress...

A short punk dress in turquoise blue tartan with a fitted upper half featuring a corset style lace up front with silver metal D rings and black ribbon, a halter neck strap and zipper fastening at the front.

punk, gothic blue tartan lace up corset dress

Punky Pink Tartan Mini Skirt...

A punky mini skirt made from a soft stretchy cotton waistband and a 2-tier lower half made with gathered pink tartan and black gothic lace. The waistband has a decorative lace up panel with pink tartan and metal D ring detail and a matching pink ribbon.

hot pink tartan lace up mini skirt

Red Tartan Punk/Gothic Mini Skirt...

A punky, gothic mini skirt made from a soft stretchy black cotton waistband and a tiered rah rah style lower half made with gathered red tartan and black cotton.

red punk tartan lace up mini skirt

Now I best get back to work as I have tonnes more to do!