Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New Sale Items!

I've just added a few more items to my sale, 2 skirts and 2 tops :)

The first top is a sexy, gothic fitted top made from black spider web lace with a halter neck strap and zipper fastening at the front which comes completely undone with black gothic lace up panel. The back is a straight line like any halter neck top and the bust and waist are decorated with gothic black lace trim.

SIZE 8/10 ONLY, JUST £14.99!!




LOW WAIST=30"-31"

black gothic spider web lace up top

A cute comfortable top made with panels of black cotton and lime green zebra print lycra, with sexy crossover straps in green zebra print.

SIZE 8/10 ONLY, JUST £11.99!!




LOW WAIST=29"-32"

green zebra print emo scene strap top

The first skirt is a cute summery pencil skirt made with black and white pinstripe patterned stretchy cotton with an elastic waistband and simple black bondage straps with silver metal eyelets..

SIZE 10 ONLY, JUST £12.99!!




black & white pinstripe bondage pencil skirt

And the last skirt is a fitted skirt made with black and grey gothic spider web patterned fabric with tiny red glittery spiders design. The skirt has a central zipper fastening at the front which opens right out, black pockets at the back and black large size belt loops all around.

SIZE 10 ONLY, JUST £12.99!!




black & white spider web print zipper skirt

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More Corset Belts on SALE!

Here are two more lace up corset belts that I made recently to use up some left over fabric scraps. They are both on sale at just £9.99!

Cream Skull & Roses Corset Belt

Largely adjustable corset-style waistbelt made from red, white and green skulls and roses print cotton on a cream coloured background, with black ribbon lace up front fastening..

UK SIZE 10/12

Waist measurement = 28" up to 30"

emo punk skulls and roses print corset belt

Zebra Print Corset Belt

Largely adjustable corset-style waistbelt made from black and white zebra print cotton with black ribbon lace up front fastening...

UK SIZE 8/10

Waist measurement = 25" up to 28"

emo scene zebra print corset belt

Monday, 28 May 2012

Corset Belts From Scraps!

This weekend I had a proper good sort through my mountain of accumulated fabric and found more scraps that needed using up and so I made a few one off unique waist belts with them.

Pink Faux Fur Leopard Print Corset Belt

Largely adjustable corset-style waistbelt made from baby pink and magenta leopard print faux fur with black ribbon lace up front fastening.

UK SIZE 10/12

Waist measurement = 28" up to 30"

pink faux fur leopard print corset belt

Mini Skull & Roses Corset Belt

Largely adjustable corset-style waistbelt made from black, white and red mini skulls and roses print cotton with black ribbon lace up front fastening.

UK SIZE 8/10

Waist measurement = 26" up to 29"

black skulls and roses print corset belt

Saturday, 26 May 2012

New Artsy Summery Leggings!

I found this fabric today and couldn't resist making some sweet leggings from it. I know it's getting hot for leggings, but these are actually ideal for summer as they are made from a light weight cotton, with lots of stretch and comfort. The print is a multicoloured floral design on a white background featuring leaves, flowers, fish, owls, clocks and text as well as fine sketch style printed black designs. They are full length cotton leggings and will be available in my shop, custom hand made to fit any size up to a hip of 52", all for the same price of £17.99.

Multicoloured Artsy Floral Patterned Leggings

floral artsy printed patterned leggings

Friday, 25 May 2012

Leopard Print and Zebra Print Leggings!

Ahh it's been such a busy couple of weeks, but I'm finally on top of orders and today I even had time to make a new pair of one off unique leggings. I have a ton of fabric that I need to get rid of before I move house so it's a great excuse for me to put some fabric scraps to use and make something new from them.

I love this pair of leggings. They are emo/scene sort of style patchwork leggings with purple and black leopard print cotton and black mesh in alternating panels.

They are a uk size 8/10 fitting the below measurements:


*HIPS 34-37"

Purple Leopard Print Mesh Leggings

purple leopard print mesh leggings

In keeping with the animal print theme, I also had time to reshoot my pink zebra print leggings in the slightly different newer pink zebra fabric.

Pink Zebra Print Leggings

pink zebra print leggings

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Pics: Dresses on Sale!

Here's another dress that I recently rediscovered while rummaging through my stock cupboard. It's a dress that I no longer make, so the original is up on sale. It's a light summery dress in black and white stripe stretchy cotton, with elastic halter neck strap and elastic waistband with gathered lower half. black and white stripe emo summer dress black and white stripe emo summer dress I also re shot a picture of the multicoloured bows print dress in my last post.. multicoloured bows emo scene dress

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

SALE! New Dress on Sale

I've been so busy over the last couple of weeks I've barely had time to do anything but sew. On top of being super busy with orders I'm moving aswell, so pretty stressful times! Anyway while sorting through some of my stuff I found a couple of items which I'm no longer making so the originals I'm going to be putting on sale. The first item is a light summery dress in soft and stretchy black cotton with multicoloured bows print. The dress has cute crosover spaghetti straps, pretty black lace around the hem and a big decorative blue-green ribbon which ties into a bow and emphasises the smallest part of the waist.



BUST 33-35", MID WAIST 25-27", LOWER WAIST 29-33"

Multicoloured Bows Strappy Summer Dress SIZE 10

multicoloured bows strappy dress

alternative strappy dress

cute emo scene bows strappy dress

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Gothic Patchwork Leggings!

I made another one off pair of patchwork leggings today. They are a pair totally unique gothic leggings made from alternate panels of stretchy black cotton and red cotton overlaid with gothic black floral lace. The design is opposite on the back and the front so they can be warn two different ways!

They will fit a uk size 8/10 with the following measurements:

*WAISTBAND 26" up to 30"

*HIPS 33" up to 36"


Gothic Red/Black Lace Leggings

gothic black and red lace leggings

Real Leather Wristband from recylced parts!

I have another new wrist band up for sale this week. It's real leather and it's made from recycled parts from a guitar strap, boot straps and small grey pyramid studs. It has a grey metal buckle fastening and four different size settings.

Real Leather Pyramid Studded Wrist Band

leather pyramid studded wrist band

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I've recently added some colour options to my new zebra print corset dress! Originally I've only ever had it available in black and white zebra print, but I've added hot pink and turquoise options too. I havent had time to make the dress in either colour yet, but there are some images of the pink and turquoise zebra print fabric that I will be using.

Black and white zebra print corset dress...

black and white zebra print corset dress

The pink fabric...

pink zebra print corset dress

The turquoise fabric...

turquoise zebra print corset dress

So now you can customize not only the measurements the dress will be made to fit, but also colour preference too :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

More Gothic/Punk Wristwear!

I made two more punk style wristbands this week :) The first one is my favourite, its made from black leatherette and turquoise tartan with a decorative studded black leatherette panel in the center with conical silver metal punk studs and adjustable silver popper fastening. As this wrist strap is made from the same tartan fabric as my top selling turquoise tartan corset dress, I thought it would go well as a matching accessory! turquoise tartan studded punk wristband The second is made from black leatherette and black, red and white skulls print fabric, featuring central silver pyramid studded decorative panel and silver adjustable popper fastening. These hand made wrist bands are both made from leatherette which is thinner than real leather, however I made them using lots of layers thickness of fabric so ensure that they are equally as sturdy as if they were made from real leather! emo skulls studded punk wristband They are unique both one-off items and they are for sale on my website now!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

3 NEW SALE ITEMS! Dresses :)

I'm moving house soon and I desperately need to clear out a LOT of stuff so I've listed a few new dresses on sale! The first is a super sexy mini dress made with alternate panels of black and white stripe and silky black satin. At the front is a zipper fastening reaching the full length of the dress and which comes completely undone and overlapping the zipper is a lace up panel with metal D-rings and black ribbon. The straps are plain black cotton which cross over at the back and are decorated with silver metal eyelets.

It's a UK size 6/8 only..

TO FIT MEASUREMENTS: BUST 30"-32" WAIST 23.5"-24.5" LOW WAIST 30"-31" HIPS 34"-35" LENGTH: 25"


Black/White Stripe Punk Mini Dress...

black white stripe punk mini dress

Next we have a halter neck tutu style dress made with silky black accetate satin. The dress has a fitted upper half with a zipper fastening at the front and v shaped scoop at the bust line. The lower half is made with lots of gathers and pleats to create this tutu effect, with white netting at the bottom and matching white lace detail on the bust and lace up corset style front.

It's a UK size 8 only..



Black/White Gothic Lolita Corset Dress...

black white gothic lolita corset dress

And lastly a sleek and sexy, fitted long top with decorative black slashes and an under-layer of stetchy glittery black mesh and matching black glittery mesh sleeves.

It's a UK size 8 only..

TO FIT MEASUREMENTS: BUST 33"-35" WAIST 26"-28" LOW WAIST 29"-31" HIPS 32"-35" LENGTH: 27"


Sparkle Slashes Dress Top...

gothic slashes sparkly dress top

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Custom Order:Cute Red/Black Lacey Dress!

I had a custom order this week, which is always fun as it's much more challenging than repeating the same designs over and over and so my brain actually gets a good bit of use. It's a short strappy dress made from deep ruby red coloured cotton overlaid with black polka dot lace and pretty black lacey straps. The bust cups and elastic straps are finished with black lace trim and the bottom of the dress features lots of gathered black polka dot lace which is attached with more pretty black lace trim and yet more lace along the very bottom edge of the dress. I made the straps out of black elastic to ensure a good comfy fit and added the black lace on top and lastly a cute little black bow in the middle of the bust to make it look complete.

I'm very happy with how this dress turned out and I hope the customer is too!

Red/Black Lace Strappy Dress....

red & black polka dot lace dress

And here's a close up of the bust..

red & black strappy gothic lace dress

Friday, 4 May 2012

Black & White Stripe Patchwork Leggings!

Here's another new pair of emo/punk style patchwork leggings! They are a one off, unique pair of full length leggings, made from alternate panels of black and white stripe and plain black cotton with stretchy waistband.
They will fit a UK size 10 with the following measurements...
WAISTBAND 29"-31", HIPS 35"-38"
Black & White Stripe Patchwork Punk Leggings... black white stripey emo punk leggings

Thursday, 3 May 2012

First Attempt At Leatherette Punk/Goth Wrist Wear!!

So this week I was thinking I really need to stock up on some of the little gothic and punk accessories that I stock to go along side my custom hand made clothing, when it dawned on me that I could just make some myself. I've always been much more excited about designing clothing than accessories, but I suddenly got the urge so thought I'd give it a try. Here's what I've come up with so far. They will all be one off pieces rather than items I will keep re-making, so once they're gone, they're gone! The first is a punk style wrist strap made from black leatherette and decorated with silver conical punk studs and silver metal eyelets. The strap has a silver popper fastening with two adjustable size fittings. This was my very first attempt so I'm selling it for cheaper than I'd like to.

Conical Studded Leatherette Wrist Strap...

silver cone studded leather wrist strap

The next is a gothic, punk style wrist band in black leatherette, decorated with silver metal D-rings and has a largely adjustable silver buckle fastening with 5 different size settings.

Silver D-ring Punk Style Wrist Strap...

silver d ring goth leather wrist strap

The last is also made from black leatherette and features a large silver zipper with silver popper fastening and two different size settings.

Silver Zipper Punk/Goth Wrist Band...

silver zipper punk leather wrist strap

New & Improved Zebra Print Corset Dress

MORE NEW! Next is a new and improved version of my old black and white zebra print corset dress. The skirt part of the dress is has two tiers of zebra print and black lace, gathered to create a tutu style. The upper part of the dress is made from zebra print with panels of black cotton overlaid with matching black lace. The dress has a central zipper fastening on the front, with metal silver D rings forming a lace up panel which ties into a big bow falling over the skirt of the dress. The dress has a matching black cotton and lace halter neck strap and sexy low back line.

Zebra Print Corset Dress

zebra print lace up corset dress zebra print emo scene prom dress zebra print punk corset dress

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Pair Patchwork Leggings:Pink Zebra & Polka Dots!

Since all of my one off unique pairs of patchwork punk style leggings have gone, I've started making some more to use up some scraps. Here's the first pair. They are made from alternate panels of black and hot pink zebra print, black and white polka dot and plain black cotton with a stretchy elastic waistband.

They will fit a UK size 10/12 with the following measurements:

WAISTBAND: 29" up to 33" HIPS: 35" up to 38"

Pink Zebra/Polka Dot Patchwork Leggings...

pink zebra print patchwork punk leggings

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Strapless Denim Mini Rocker Dress

MORE NEW! This has to be one of my favourite dress I've made, it's a strapless denim mini dress with alternate panels of dark and light denim, front zipper fastening with decorative strips of black leatherette down each side of the zip and cute mini pockets on each side of the bust with silver popper fastening. The bust of the dress is elasticated and the sides of the dress are decorated with lace up panels that stretch the full length of the dress, starting at the top of the back of the dress and curving uniquely around the sides, finishing at the bottom of the front. I came up with this dress because I had a couple of requests for my denim biker chick style tops to be as dresses, so this is what I came up with. Strapless Denim Rocker Dress... denim rocker mini dress denim rock chick dress denim punk lace up dress denim lace up sexy mini dress