Thursday, 30 August 2012

New Purple Leopard & Lace Punk Leggings

I've just listed a couple new pairs of patchwork leggings for sale. They are both one of a kind unique pairs but this time I made them a bit larger than normal, as I've had so many requests for my one of a kind clothing in larger sizes. Obviously the reason I dont normally do this is because it's difficult to model bigger sizes but I made them work somehow!

The first pair are available in a UK size 12/14 and are made from gorgeous purple leopard print with panels of black gothic stretch lace and black cotton with a super stretchy elasticized waistband. The design on the front and back are different, I kinda wish I'd left the back of them plain black as I think there's too much going on but hopefully people will still like them!

Purple Leopard Print & Lace Patchwork Leggings...

Purple Leopard Print Punk Leggings

The second pair are black and white stripey patchwork leggings, made from 10 alternate stripes of black and white cotton lycra which is really comfortable to wear. The seams are on the outside to give them more of a punk feel. They will fit a UK size 12/14/16 and as you can see they are quite long so do best going to a girl on the taller side :)

Black/White Super Stripe Patchwork Leggings

Black and White Stripe Punk Leggings

As I said, they are both one of a kind pairs and only available in these sizes, though as they are pretty stretchy they will fit more than one size. Please see the full list of measurements directly on my website as it's been a long day and I can't be bothered to type them out right now! Both are currently listed at £24.99 each and for 2 more days the shipping is free!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


As I'm struggling a bit at the moment due to website traffic issues...yeah cheers then google...hmmphhh, I've listed a ton of goods on sale and reduced some other newer items! Plus there's FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING in my shop until the end of August! Pretty much giving it away? Well desperate times I guess :( Click the pics if you want to view more details and measurements on my site.

All available from here: Alternative Clothing Sale

Star Print Patterned Leggings: Size 14/16 Sale Price £14.99!

Cheap Star Print Leggings

Multicoloured Bows Print Alternative Dress: Size 10 Sale Price £17.99!

Bows Print Alternative Dress

Long Sleeved Purple Gothic Collar Top: Size 8/10 Sale Price £14.99! Purple Lacey Gothic Collar Top

Long Sleeved Gothic Lace up Top: Size 8/10 Sale Price £14.99! Black Gothic Lace Long Sleeved Top

Black Semi Wet Look Leggings: Size 8 Sale Price £11.99!

Cheap Black Wet look Leggings

Pink Zebra Print Studded Glam Rock Top: Size 10/12/14 Reduced to £29.99!

Pink Zebra Print Studded Glam Rock Top

Pink Zebra & Stars Print Unique Patchwork Leggings: Size 8/10/12 Reduced to £19.99!

Pink Zebra Print Star Leggings

Multicoloured Artsy Patterned Leggings: Size 8/10 Sale Price £14.99!

Cheap Multicoloured Art Patterned Leggings

Zebra Print Corset Dress: Size 8 Sale Price £34.99!

Zebra Print corset Dress

Monday, 27 August 2012

Totally Awesome Jewelry by GLAMASAURUS!

Skeletina Locket NecklaceToday I thought I'd write about Glamasauras, one of my favourite crafters at the moment. She's a fellow one woman business, making adorable and unique jewelry and accessories including brooches, hairpins, necklaces and pendants and totally gorgeous plugs! Of course most of the black ones are my favourite but she makes tons of super cute and colorful stuff too!
Sassy Sailor Nautical Brooch

To the left you can see one of my favourite necklaces on her website-Skeletina Locket Pendant. A gorgeous Antiquey-looking skeleton lady cameo necklace.

And to the right-Sassy Sailor Nautical Brooch. Perfect for spicing up any jacket or coat. I adore nautical/anchor themed stuff so naturally this has to be one of my faves.

Below have to be some of the most unique and interesting ear plugs I've seen. I'm not normally a fan of stretched ears but these are just too cute and definitely make me want them so I could wear them! If any of this stuff takes your fancy, click the image to visit her online store now to see plenty more awesomeness!
Glamasaurus Ear Plugs

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Black Gothic Velvet Ruffle Skirt-Regular & Plus Size

Today I made a new gothic skirt. This one is available in regular and plus size! I will try and make more and more regular items that are available hand made (by me) to fit all sizes from now on! (Although I do love making one of a kind stuff!)

This is a knee length gothic ruffle skirt made from heavy black velvety velour. It's a really nice soft and stretchy fabric, very comfortable to wear! It is a high waisted skirt with an elasticated thick waistband. The back of the skirt features a corset type lace up with silver D rings and black 25ml ribbon. The back of the skirt hangs low, while the front of the skirt rests just above the knee. The bottom of the skirt is decorated with two tiers of double black floral lace gathered into ruffles.

It's available in regular size, up to a maximum hip size of 42" and then also in plus size available up to a maximum hip size of 52". All orders will be custom handmade especially to fit your own measurements!

Visit my online store to buy-click the link to the right :)

Gothic Black Ruffle Skirt

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Plus Size Alternative Clothing

Lately I've been getting the feeling that not many people are actually aware that I make plus size alternative clothing as well as for smaller sizes. A lot of confusion comes about I think, because I also make some one of a kind items such as those in my more recent posts...these ARE only available in smaller sizes. This is purely because I always have a lot of off cuts from older fabrics that are no longer available to me and I only have enough fabric left to make one item from them. And so obviously cant repeat the design when the fabric isnt being made anymore!

The only reason they are all in smaller sizes is purely down to ease (or laze some might say) as I can model them myself with minimum expense of time! I've been doing this a lot lately since moving to a new place where I have a lot less storage space than where I used to be, so I need to use up some fabric otherwise it'll just end up in a landfill, which needless to say...doesn't sit well on my conscience :S

As I've been posting a lot of these one of a kind items lately on Facebook, I think many people are mislead into thinking I'm harsh on larger sizes and only make clothes for small people....

This isn't the case at all! In fact the vast majority of my clothing I hand make from scratch as and when it is ordered by you lovely people. I make it especially to fit your own measurements to ensure it fits good. AND that includes plus sizes! The reason I refer to these items separately as plus size clothing, is that I do unfortunately have to charge more for the larger sizes, to cover fabrics and other extra material costs and so I have two separate listings for these to cater for the different pricings.

Corset dresses, mini skirts, fishtail skirts, long sleeved gothic tops and corset belts are just a few of the things I have available to plus size alternative ladies at the moment. So please don't be discouraged by my recent work, it's nothing against larger sizes, I'm just trying to make some extra money from fabrics that would otherwise have gone in the bin.

Here are a few of my plus size customers favourite items to buy! Click the image to go to my website and see the full range available!
Plus Size Alternative Clothing

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Black Velvet Lace Up Pencil Skirt

Black Velvet Lace Up Pencil Skirt

In keeping with my recent theme of pencil skirts I made another new one this morning, well two in fact, because I made it in a small and a larger size! I had a rare spark of motivation last night but was too tired to start sewing late at night, so instead was up bright and early at 6am to start sewing today...on a Sunday. Yeah I love my job that much.

Okay so anyway I made a gothic pencil skirt, which I want to say is high waisted but I guess depending on the size of your lower waist, could be warn either way! It's made from black super soft and weighty high quality velvety velour, (which is super comfy and stretchy), with black floral lace panels down each side, which are finished with (yes you guessed it) a lace up panel using silver eyelets and ribbon which tie into bows at the knee. The lace panels are see through enough to add some daring sex appeal but still give the comfort of being fairly covered up! The elasticated waistband and bottom hem are both made from the same velvet velour stuff and the lace up panels have some strips of black wet look thrown in to add a bit of excitement.

As the fabric is really stretchy, the skirts can be warn by a wide size range. I've made a smaller skirt which will fit around a UK 8/10 and also a smaller size 12. And the larger skirt will fit sizes 14/16 and a smaller 18. Measurements are as below...

SIZE SMALL(8/10/12) *WAISTBAND: 27"-32", *HIPS: 33"-38"

SIZE LARGE(14/16/18) *WAISTBAND: 33"-38", *HIPS: 39"-43"

gothic velvet lace up black pencil skirt

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sexy Gothic Zebra Lace Up Pencil Skirt!

Today I had a couple of orders to finish up and I also made a new skirt. I'm really loving the lace up sides pencil skirt that I made in my previous post so I thought I'd try out a few fabric/colour combos. This one is also a high waisted pencil skirt (although I guess it can be warn lower down if you like!) and is made from the very last pieces of pink zebra print lycra that I has left, overlayed with black paisley patterned lace. The skirt has daringly bare sides with large size eyelets and black ribbon lace ups. The elasticated waistband and the bottom hem are made from really comfortable and stretchy black spandex lycra. This along with the adjustable lace up sides means this skirt can be warn by lots of sizes, starting from a uk 8 and up to around a 12/14. The measurements are:

*WAISTBAND 27" up to 32" *HIPS 33" up to 39"

Zebra Print Lace Up Pencil Skirt

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sexy Pencil Skirt With Lace Up Sides (& Leggings!)

I'm still trying to use up some of my older fabric before I invest in some exciting new stuff. I have so many different fabrics but not enough of any of them to make something whole, so I'm just mixing and matching different pieces and seeing what I come up with. So here's a super sexy, figure hugging pencil skirt I made this morning! It's high waisted and made from black semi wet look lycra with red pot hole fishnet panels down each side. The panels are studded with large silver eyelets, which lace up with black ribbon and tie into bows at the knee. The elasticated waistband and bottom hem of the skirt are made from hi shine, glossy black wet look lycra. The skirt fits a uk size 8/10 with the below measurements...

*WAISTBAND 26"-31", *HIPS 32"-36"

Black Wet Look Lace Up Pencil Skirt...

Wet Look Lace Up Pencil Skirt

Also after finally finding some similar fabric I've been able to update the zebra print leggings in my shop with a new and improved version, after the original fabric went out of stock months and months ago. These are actually the most comfortable leggings I've ever worn, they are made from a light, silky soft zebra print stretch, ideal for warmer weather. They're so stretchy and comfy that it barely feels like you're wearing them.

These are available in my shop to be custom handmade to fit any size up to a maximum hip measurement of 52". One price for all sizes!! Just £17.99

Zebra Print Leggings

Rock Chick One Of A Kind Stuff :)

So this week I've been doing a bit of scrap busting, in attempt to make room for new fabric. Alas it seems no matter how many scraps I use up, I barely make a dent in the mound of fabric pieces that is rapidly growing out of my storage cupboard and spilling across my whole studio....Well at least I tried!

These are one of a kind pieces of clothing, since the whole point is to use up fabric that I can no longer get hold of for regular items and is just sitting about doing nothing.

The first is a glam rock inspired studded zebra print top with lace up back. It is made from stretchy hot pink and black zebra print stretchy lycra fabric which is overlaid in the middle and at the back with glittery sparkle see through mesh and the front is decorated with black faux leather strips, studded with small round silver metal studs. The top has a stretchy zebra print halter neck strap and the back has a corset style lace up fastening with large silver metal eyelets. This can be adjusted to fit from a size 10 up to size 14, with the below measurements...

*BUST: 33"-38", *WAIST 26"-32", *LOW WAIST 28"-33"

Pink Zebra Print Glam Rock Studded Lace Up Top...

Pink Zebra Print Glam Rock Top

The second is a super hot black see through mesh top with black hi shine wet look bust, which is gathered with silver pyramid studs in the middle. More black wet look spikey strips on the front and back, which are also studded with silver pyramid studs. The top has stretchy spaghetti straps which are studded at the front and which cross over at the back. This top is around a UK size 8/10 with the below measurements...

*BUST: 32"-34", *WAIST 26"-28", *LOW WAIST 27"-29"

Black Wet Look Studded See Through Mesh Top...

Black Wet Look Studded Mesh Top

Monday, 13 August 2012

Gothic Rocker Spikey Lace Up Corset...NEW OOAK!

Today I finally finished a corset top that I started working on weeks ago. I ordered a ton of eyelets, ribbon and other supplies which I've been waiting on and which, might I add still haven't come...*sigh* anyway I've been holding off buying the bits I need elsewhere each day hoping the supplies will turn up "today" but I finally gave in and bought them from my other supplier. I should have done this in the first place but it seems dumb buying more stuff at a higher price when I've already got a bulk order of it on the way :(

Anyways here's the top. It's a gothic, rocker spikey black faux leather corset top with lace up sides. The front of the top features a zipper fastening and is stiffened with steel boning to prevent the zipper from folding. The front and back of the top are not actually attached, but lace up together with ribbon and large silver eyelets down each side. This can be adjusted quite a lot, as can the matching lace up straps of the top, to fit according to size. So this means that the top can actually fit a wide range of sizes, from a size 8 up to 12. The bottom hem of the top is cut in a unique spike design on both front and back and the bust is decorated with small silver pyramid studs.

Gothic Rocker Spikey Lace Up Corset...

Gothic Rocker Spikey Lace Up Corset

As the top laces up and adjusts at both sides it will fit sizes 8 up to 12, with the below measurements...

*BUST 32"-37", *WAIST 24"-30", *MID/LOW WAIST 25"-31"

Friday, 10 August 2012

SALE: Black Semi Wet Look Leggings

I've just added another item to my clearance sale. These leggings I made a while ago in semi wet look lycra but then managed to find proper wet look so this pair are up on sale as I no longer need to use them and the full wet look leggings are available once again from my website. This pair are a hot pair of black skin tight semi gloss wet look leggings in full length with a inside leg of approx. 31" and elastic waistband. They are a uk size 8 fitting the below measurements..

*WAISTBAND (POINT C): 26"-28" *HIPS (POINT D): 32"-34"

Sale Price £11.99

Black Semi Wet Look Lycra Leggings

black wet look leggings

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lace Up Denim Studded Bustier-OOAK!

Just finished another piece for my one of a kind collection. It's a punky/glam rock type lace up bustier top in denim with black studded faux leather strips on the waist, with lots of antique rustic look pyramid studs and more faux leather with studs on the bust. The front has a lace up fastening with large silver eyelets and black ribbon which, of course, can be adjusted to fit. The back features a decorative lace up corset look panel which is mainly for show but can also be adjusted somewhat to make the top smaller. The top has two buckle straps which are fully studded with silver eyelets and can be used to adjust the length of the straps at the back. The straps can either be tucked into the buckles or left out as in the picture.

This one is a size 8/10, fitting the below measurements:

*BUST 33"-35" *WAIST 24"-27" MID/LOW WAIST 26"-28"

Glam/Rocker Studded Denim Bustier Top

Denim Glam Rock Studded Bustier

Monday, 6 August 2012

4 High Waisted Pencil Skirts on sale just £9.99 each!

I've listed 4 new skirts on sale, they are all high waisted pencil skirts that used to be regular items on my website but since my supplier no longer has any of the fabrics I am selling the sample skirts for just £9.99 each! They are all quite small sizes as I made them when I was tiny.

Zebra Print High Waisted Pencil Skirt

A high waisted jersey stretch pencil skirt in black and cream zebra print with elasticated high waistband. SIZE 8.

cheap zebra print high waist skirt

Leopard Print High Waisted Pencil Skirt

A leopard print high waisted pencil skirt in purple and black sparkly jersey knit with black ribbon lace up bow at the back and elastic high waistband. SIZE 6/8.

cheap leopard print high waist skirt

Dogtooth Print High Waisted Pencil Skirt

A black and white large dogtooth patterned pencil skirt with high waistband in soft stretchy jersey. SIZE 8.

cheap dogtooth pencil skirt

Pink Dogtooth High Waisted Pencil Skirt

A pink and black small dogtooth patterned high waisted pencil skirt with black ribbon lace up back and elasticated waist. SIZE 6.

cheap patterned pencil skirt

New Youtube Videos!

I've added a couple of new youtube video of all my more recent glam rock, punk and alternative clothing designs over June and July this year and one of all my unique one of a kind glam rock/biker chick style studded clothing!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Couple of Custom Orders!!

I've had a fair few custom orders recently which has been fun and here are some of my most of the others I didnt manage to get a photo of!

The first customer was looking for a long black velvet gothic skirt which is tight fitting down to the knee with three tiers of ruffles fanning out as the skirt goes down. This took me much longer than I had anticipated but I did enjoy making it as its a bit different to my usual style and am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

long black gothic velvet ruffle skirt

The next is a pair of patchwork leggings in black and white polka dot print jersey and plain black, with alternating panels on each side.

black polka dot patchwork leggings

And lastly, this customer was looking for some wet look black studded leggings similar to the pair I sell on my website with large silver pyramid studs, however she wanted them to be more unique and with different types of studs and asymmetrical.

black wet look studded glam rock leggings

Saturday, 4 August 2012

New Faux Leather & Denim Studded Glam Rock Leggings

I just finished a new pair of leggings that I'm listing as a regular item in all sizes up to a hip measurement of 44". They are a glam rock inspired pair of faux leather stretch black leggings with denim panels on the front studded with large silver pyramid studs and plain black on the back. These leggings are full length and have a wider stretch waistband for maximum comfort and to hold them up well!

Faux Leather Studded Glam Rock Leggings

black faux leather studded glam rock leggings

Thursday, 2 August 2012

NEW! Red/Black Peaspot Corset Dress

New dress!! A red and black lace up corset dress in cute "peaspot" print. The dress features a fitted upper half with a zipper fastening at the front with overlapping corset style lace up panel with red ribbon and silver metal D-rings. The double tiered skirt half of the dress features fancy red floral lace and is made with lots of gathers and pleats. The straps are made with black elastic and lace trim, for comfortable fit, that cross over at the back and the bust is decorated with black lace trim. This is available in regular and plus size on my website now.

Red Peaspot Lace Up Corset Dress

Red & black Peaspot lace up corset dress

Sale Item:Zebra Print Corset Dress SIZE 8

I've just listed a new dress in my sale section-A zebra print lace up corset dress in size 8. It's a black and white corset dress with a fitted upper body featuring a frontal zip fastening, lace up corset front with black ribbon and large silver metal D-rings and black lace halter neck strap. The lower skirt part of the dress features two tiers of black and white zebra print and black gothic lace in lots of gathers and pleats to create a puffy tutu style skirt. This dress is a UK size 8, fitting the below measurements:

*BUST 32"-34" *WAIST 24"-26" *LOWER WAIST 28"-29'5"

SALE PRICE £35.99!!

This dress is also available custom hand made to fit whatever measurements you supply up to a maximum bust of 50" from my website through the following links. Also available in turquoise or pink!

Zebra Print Corset Dress Regular Size

Zebra Print Corset Dress Plus Size

Zebra Print Corset Dress

Lace Up Zebra Corset Dress

Cheap Zebra Print Dress

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

SALE ITEM! Black Semi Wet Look Strapless Slashes Dress

I finally got round to taking a photo of this dress today. I made this a looong time ago to sell as a regular item in semi wet look lycra however now that I've managed to find proper wet look I've decided to re-make it using that, which means this one is being listed at a reduced price in my sale.

It is a strapless club/rave dress in black semi gloss wet look lycra, with an elasticated bust to keep it up. The back of the dress has tailored slashes down to the waist and and sleeves of the dress are also made with a slashed effect, also tailored rather than cut. The sleeves rest off the shoulder and are held up with elastic.

This dress is a size 8/10 in uk sizing only, fitting the below measurements:

*BUST 32"-35"

*WAIST 24"-28"

*LOW WAIST 28"-33"

*HIPS 33"-37"

ON SALE AT £24.99!

Black Semi Wet Look Slashes Strapless Dress

Black Wet Look Slashes Strapless Dress