Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Sale Items and Reductions :)

I've just finally got round to tidying up my sale section a bit, both on my website and on facebook :) I've added a fair few items, as well as reducing some prices as well. My store cupboard is getting a bit chocca, so I figured it's time to let some stuff go! Here are some of the items I've added or reduced : )

Grey tiger print and glittery mesh patchwork leggings. SIZE 8/10/12 £19.99

Tiger Print Patchwork Leggings

Black and white zebra print thick jersey hot pants with elasticized high waist band. SIZE 6 £6.99

Zebra Print High Waisted Hot Pants

Black and white polka dot hot pants with elasticized high waist band. SIZE 6 £6.99

High Waisted Polka Dot Hot Pants

Red and black cherry print lace up underbust corset with red satin binding, red ribbon adjustable lace up front fastening and all fully steel boned. SIZE 6 £19.99

Cherry Print Underbust Corset

Black and white zebra print silky soft full length lycra leggings with elasticized low waist band. SIZE 8/10 £11.99

Black and white zebra print legggings

Baby pink leopard print faux fur lace up corset belt. SIZE 10/12 £9.99

Pink Leopard Print Corset Belt

Black and white zebra print lace up corset belt with black ribbon adjustable lace up fastening. SIZE 8/10 £9.99

zebra print lace up corset belt

Black and white stripey patchwork leggings. SIZE 12/14/16 £19.99

Black and White Stripey Leggings

Monday, 22 October 2012

New One Of a Kind Top plus Skulls Leggings!

I was bored yesterday and decided to treat myself to making a new one of a kind piece of clothing, which is always the thing I find most exciting and enjoyable to do. It's a studded bustier style top in red tartan and black and red cherries print in alternating panels. The front features black faux leather straps studded with silver pyramid studs and an adjustable lace up fastening with large silver eyelets. The back has more faux leather studded straps that cross over and the halter neck strap has a large silver buckle fastening that can be adjusted to fit.

It is a UK size 10/12 and the full measurements and details are listed on my website under the one offs and custom clothing area of my site.

Tartan & Cherries Studded Bustier

Tartan & Cherries Studded Bustier

New pair of leggings! I wasn't sure whether these would be a one of a kind pair or a regular item for all sizes, but after getting such a good response on facebook, decided to make them available made to fit, for regular and plus size. They are made from black cotton lycra with slanted panels of black and white skull and crossbones print and polka dot print on the front. As they are made from cotton they are super soft and comfy to wear. They are available to buy from the tights and legging section of my website.

skull and crossbones leggings

Friday, 19 October 2012

More Wintery Wear :)

I have made a couple more wintery style things this week. First off, after years and years of my parents hassling me to wear a coat because I'll "catch a chill", but refusing to because a)they are expensive and I don't often treat myself to new things and b)I can never find any coats that I even like, I finally took the time to make myself one. ANNNNDD I like it! It's a cropped coat made from black cotton and lined with black fleece, the hood is also lined with fleece which feels lovely on my head. It's sort of like wrap around, with adjustable silver buckle fastenings and large silver eyelets for decoration. But it's also joined at the bottom, so it's more of a pullover than a coat. I made it short/cropped to emphasize my waist as I hate how frumpy and unsexy coats normally make me feel. I know, I know what you're thinking..."She'll still catch a chill with her midriff on show like that"....WRONG! I only shot the photos like this to make it clear that it is cropped, however it can, and will be warn with other clothes underneath. It's just a lot easier to see the actual length of it without clothes underneath, since all my clothes are black.

Anyway I'm waffling now...This took me agggesss! Although I haven't figured out yet if that's because of the design or whether it's simply that I haven't made any coats before, so once I've had a bit more practice, I would be up to speed a bit better. I'm thinking the latter. So I'm still in the process of deciding whether to list it for sale on my website or not, due to the time/money involved. However I had a lot of positive feedback when I posted the pic on facebook last night, so maybe I will...

Cropped black buckle coat

Black fleece lined cropped coat

And I made another long sleeved hooded dress top, similar to my tartan hooded dress top from my previous post. This one is also made from black cotton with panels of black and white skull and crossbones print cotton on the front and back. There's a big panel on the back to add warmth and thickness. Oh and I added a cute front pocket and extra strips of skulls on the sleeves. And the bottom hem or the dress as well as the sleeves are cuffed.

Skull & Crossbones Hooded Dress Top

skull and crossbones dress top

skull and crossbones dress top

This one is available made to fit regular or plus size and is available for sale from the long sleeved tops section of my website.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Haven't made any of these in a while....

This week I've been trying to accept that it's cold and it is only going to get colder, so it's time to start making some stuff that will actually provide some warmth while still looking good. I find it's difficult to look good in the winter, when it gets super cold I tend to just pile on the man jumpers, but this year I'm going to make it my goal to make some proper nice warm gear. Though since this is a bit of a foreign area to me, I decided to start of with some long sleeved tops and then ease my way into some warmer jackets and things :)

I was quite inspired by a recent custom order of mine for a Morticia Addams dress, so decided to make a top in a similar style to that. The dress is a floor length fishtail dress in black velvet with v shaped neckline and long caps on the sleeves. Luckily this awesome customer is the same size as me so I managed to get a quick shot of the dress. Anyway I liked the velvetyness and the long sleeves so made a long sleeved top in the same fabric which is now listed on my website, custom made to fit-regular and plus size.

Here's the Morticia dress...

Morticia Addams Velvet Fishtail Dress

And here's the top it inspired...

Long Sleeved Lace Up Velvet Top

I then went on to attempt a hooded dress top, which turned out great (jf I do say so my self). It's really comfy and snugly and I didnt want to take it off after shooting the photos for it. It's made from black cotton lycra with panels of stretch red tartan print, which add extra warmth and thickness to the front and especially the large panel on the back. The hood is plain black and lined with tartan which makes it extra awesome and gives the hood some extra thickness and snugglyness too. From the pictures it's not very clear but there are also silver D rings on the shoulders. I photographed it as a dress alone so you can see it clearly, but obviously could be warn over leggings or jeans to keep nice and cosy. This one is also available custom made to fit regular or plus size.

Red Tartan Hooded Dress Top

Red Tartan Hooded Dress Top

Friday, 12 October 2012

New Studded Leggings & Fishtail Skirt

Right I've finally designed a new awesome pair of unique leggings that are going to be available made to order rather than just one of a kind. AND these are available for plus sizes too! They are made from black wet look and sparkly glitter silver star print lycra. They have black faux leather strips on the front which are studded with rounded silver studs. I really love this design and hope my customers will too!

Glam Rock Glitter Stars Studded Leggings

Glam rock glitter stars leggings

Purple Gothic Fishtail Skirt

Also this week I decided to add another colour option to my range of gothic fishtail skirts, I love this purple spandex velour fabric so thought I'd see how that would look. It's slim fitting from waist down to the knee and flares out at the bottom, hence the fishtail. Though I prefer to think of it as a mermaid tail as they are a lot nicer than fish!

Gothic Purple Fishtail Skirt

Skulls & Studs Wet Look Leggings

And lastly I made another one of a kind pair of leggings in a similar design to some of my recent one off pairs, made from black wet look with panels of stretch denim, studded of course, and black and white skulls print fabric. My supplier has discontinued this fabric recently so I thought I'd make use of the scraps I have left. They are a size 8/10 and you can view the full details and measurements to fit on my website.

One of a kind skull print studded leggings

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I seem to have disappeared off the radar these past few weeks, things have gotten so busy I've been shackled to my machines constantly, hence my lack of bothering to post anything on here :( Anyway-catch up time, here are a few of my latest designs....

Rainbow Stripe Tutu Dress

This dress is made from multicoloured striped cotton with a fitted body featuring zipper front fastening and big decorative black bow and lace trim on the bust. The tutu part is made up of two tiers of stripe cotton and black lace. I love this dress! It may be a bit bright for some people's tastes, but I've always had a thing for rainbow coloured stuff! It makes me think of sweets and makes my eyes feel happy.

It's available custom made especially to fit for regular and plus size from the corset dresses and tutu dresses section of my website.

rainbow stripe tutu dress

multicoloured tutu dress

Punk Studded Tartan/Wet Look Leggings

These punk style leggings are one of kind and made from black glossy wet look lycra with panels of red tartan print and black studded faux leather. They are a UK size 8/10 and available to buy from the one of a kind clothing section of my site.

Punk studded wet look leggings

Leopard Print Lace Up Pencil Skirt

Lastly another lace up pencil skirt-I just love making these, I think they are super sexy! It's made from black wet look lycra with leopard print velour down the sides and black ribbon lace ups on top. It's available in regular and plus size and you can find it under pencil skirts!

Leopard Print Lace Up Pencil Skirt

Back (hopefully soon) with more new stuff as soon as I find time!