Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mini Hot Pants, Mini Skirts & Leggings

So following the high waisted hot pants, I thought I'd try some proper mini hot pants in denim which is the sort of thing I often like to wear. This is the first pair I made-they are bleached denim hot pants with front zipper and silver popper fastening. I added some faux black leather lace up panels down the side to make them more rocker chick like and added some loops so they can be warn with a belt. This is the first time I've attempted fitted denim shorts and I was so pleased with how they turned out that I put them on my website and they sold right away!

Bleached denim mini hot pants with lace up sides..

bleached denim lace up mini hot pants

Here are the second pair of denim hot pants I made, they are made from the same textured denim which I bleached, they have a an adjustable lace up front fastening with silver eyelets and black ribbon lacing and small round silver studs on the front and on the back pockets. Lastly I added some decorative belt loops. I really loved this pair and decided to keep them for myself. I wore them out to Brighton last weekend and they were very comfortable and they fit so much better than my store bought shorts, they actually stayed up fine all day without a belt : )

 denim mini hot pants

I have an order coming in for a custom pair of denim/leather look trousers with a lace up crotch, so I wanted to have a bit of a practice with the leather look/denim combo, so I figured I'd try by making a hot pants version of the trousers to save fabric! The front is made from bleached black denim with adjustable lace up crotch and large antique brass look pyramid studs, the backs are plain black leather look with denim waistband and matching belt loops. This pair is still for sale in a size 8/10 and as they were a practice pair, they are on sale as a reduced price from my sale items section.

Bleached denim/leather look hot pants with lace up crotch..

bleached denim leather look hot pants with lace up crotch

After I;d had enough of the shorts, I figured I might get into making some more fitted mini skirts as most of the skirts on my site are stretchy and puffy rather than tight fitting. I prefer fitted mini skirts personally but I never wear them as I dont have any that I like, so I dont know why I haven't made any sooner! This one is made from the same black and grey semi stretch denim, but with no bleach this time! It has a front zipper fastening and black faux leather lace up panels down each side at the front, with black faux leather studded pockets on the back and matching black belt loops all round. This skirt is now up for sale under the fitted mini skirts section of my site and it is available in both regular and plus size options, being custom made to fit up to a maximum hip size of 50 inches. I feel I havent been making enough items available for plus size lately as some things are just too time consuming and expensive to make for them to be profitable in plus sizes, but I plan to work on making a lot more items that are available to every lady, plus size or not : )

Black & grey denim/leatherette fitted lace up mini skirt with studded pockets..

denim leatherette fitted lace up mini skirt

And finally, the one of a kind pair of metallic multicoloured leggings I made seemed to be well received on facebook so I found some nice shimmery metallic jersey fabrics, which I actually like a lot more and made a similar pair as a repeat item. They're not quite the same as the one off pair as they only have blue and purple, back and front and no silver, but I love the print of the fabric, it has a sort of worn effect where bits of black are showing through the metallic, I thought it was very pretty. So these are available for regular and plus size from the patterned, wet look and metallic leggings section of my site up to a hip size of 52 inches.

Unique purple/blue shimmery metallic leggings..

purple/blue metallic shimmery leggings

Now I've just about caught up on posting so will be back to show off more new stuff as and when! Bye for now :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New High Waisted Hot Pants (& some other things!)

So I've still got a ton of new stuff from last week to post about...I decided to make some new hot pants as the fabrics for most of my old ones are no longer available. So my first pair were these... They are high waisted hot pants made from soft black ponte roma jersey, with front zipper fastening and decorative red faux leather curvy spike shapes on the front and back, which are studded with black round studs. I loved how they turned out and they have already sold as a one off.

High waisted black/red studded hot pants...

high waisted red and black studded hot pants

After they turned out so nicely, I made a couple more pairs of hot pants in a similar style to sell as repeat items. There's a red pair with black faux leather silver pyramid studded strips down the sides, and cute black studded pockets on the bum. And the second pair are black with white faux leather lace up panels on each side, with white ribbon lace ups and also featuring some pyramid studs. They are both available custom made to fit from the hot pants and shorts section of my site : )

Red/black studded high waisted hot pants..

studded red black high waisted hot pants

Black/white lace up high waisted hot pants...

black white lace up high waisted hot pants

In between orders I've been trying to make use of some of my fabric remnants which have been piling up and starting to consume a lot of my work space and so I used some pieces of different coloured metallics to make these random metallic lycra leggings, which have blue and purple at the front and silver and purple at the back with black wet look elasticized waistband. Initially I wasn't sure how well they'd go down as they're a bit different to my usual style, but they seemed to get a lot of positive feedback on my facebook page so I think I might make something similar to sell as a regular item soon. These ones are roughly a UK size 8/10 and are currently listed in my sale section.

Unique random multicoloured metallic lycra leggings...

unique multicoloured metallic lycra leggings

And lastly I made this new style gothic fishtail skirt, which I absolutely love the colouring of. It's made from jade crushed velvet which is stretchy and snug fitting down to the knee and splays out at the bottom with alternate panels of black lace to give double the size of the fan for the fishtail effect. Then I added an extra overskirt in the black lace that wraps round from the front and hangs long over one side and looks beautiful on top of the jade fabric. To hold all the weight of some much fabric up I added an extra wide black velvet waistband. This fishtail skirt is now available custom made to fit, in regular and plus size from the gothic fishtail skirts section of my site.

Black/jade velvet gothic mermaid fishtail skirt...

gothic mermaid velvet fishtail skirt

Monday, 22 April 2013

Lately I've been working on a ton of new ideas. Firstly I asked my fans on facebook which was their favourite pair out of some of my latest one of a kind leggings and said I would make a similar pair to the one with the most votes into a regular item, that will be available custom made to fit your own measurements. So these were the choices....

asymmetrical bleached denim studded rock leggings

And the pair that got the most votes was B, so here is the new design I came up with and this pair is available made to fit all sizes up to a hip of 44". Obviously I couldnt sell design B as a "one off" and then copy it as it would no longer be unique, so these are similar rather than the same : )

Asymmetrical bleached denim studded rock leggings

asymmetrical bleached denim studded rock leggings

I also made a new biker chick inspired studded vest top in white leatherette with front zipper fastening that opens right out, decorative black round studs on the bust and black leatherette panels, lacing up with black ribbon on each side and at the back. The bust, sleeves and bottom hem are also finished with black leatherette. This top is available up to a bust of 40" from the Rocker Chick, Biker and Glam Rock Tops section of my website.

White leatherette studded biker chick crop top

White leatherette studded biker chick crop top

Next up is a new pair of unique studded rock leggings, made with black super sexy and glossy wet look lycra with panels of red denim, painted with black and with studded red and black leatherette, featuring a mix of silver pyramid studs, large round studs and small round studs. they are available up to a hip of 44" from the glam rock leggings section of my site.

Black wet look/red leatherette studded rock leggings

White leatherette studded biker chick crop top

Next I made this pirate skull & crossbones print corset top with some scraps of this fabric I had left over. It's one of a kind and features an adjustable lace up front and back with white faux leather and black ribbon lace ups, decorative studded white panels on the front and black lace trim around the bust. The halter neck strap features a silver popper fastening which can be adjusted to fit. Due to lace up fastenings at both front and back, this top can be largely adjusted to fit roughly a size 8 up to a 12 but the full measurements are listed under the one offs and custom clothing section of my website.

Pirate skull & crossbones lace up studded corset top

Pirate skull and crossbones lace up corset top

And lastly, I've had red skull patterned leggings on my website for years, but decided the pink looks quite pretty too, so I added them in pink : ) They are available in regular and plus size from the patterned, wet look and metallic leggings section.

Red and pink skull & crossbones patterned leggings

Pirate skull and crossbones lace up corset top

Friday, 5 April 2013

New One of a Kind Bleached Leggings & Top!

Here is some more of the one of a kind clothing that I've been working on lately. First is a pair of super unique leggings that I made with bleach and paint splattered textured grey denim, with cut away panels on the thigh and lower leg, with black faux leather studded detail and black ribbon lacing up the panels. The backs are made from stretchy black cotton so that they are easy to get in and out of as the denim is semi stretch but not as flexible as some of my regular fabrics. I really love how they turned out but they took me ages so I will need to rethink my technique before I make them a regular item. They are available in a size 8/10 with the full measurements listed with the product in the one of a kind unique leggings section of my site.

Bleach splattered studded denim lace up leggings..

bleach splattered denim lace up rock leggings

I recently realized just how much black I tend to use in all my clothing, so I thought it would be fun to make something without any black in it and I ended up with this studded lace up top. It's made with blueberry blue bleached denim and lots of white faux leather, with lace up front and side fastenings, meaning that this top can be adjusted to fit various sizes. The back also features more white faux leather with a lace up panel and cute silver star shaped studs and large silver pyramid studs decorating the front. The sleeves and bottom hem are bound with more white faux leather and lots and lots of white ribbon for all the lace up parts. It will fit a uk size 10 with all the lace ups fully closed and up to a size 14 with lace ups opened up.

Bleached denim/white leatherette lace up studded vest top...

bleached denim and white faux leather lace up vest

And lastly I made a matching pair of leggings in white wet look lycra with panels of bleach and paint splattered blueberry denim with white faux leather lace up panels, lacing up with black ribbon to match the black waistband and white faux leather studded strips. The backs are plain white wet look and lined with white cotton to ensure that they are fully opaque. The extra thickness makes them feel really sturdy and much more like proper trousers than some of my other leggings. They are around a uk size 8/10 with the measurements, as always listed in the one of a kind unique rock leggings category of my website.

White wet look and blueberry bleached denim lace up studded leggings...

white wet look and denim studded lace up leggings