Saturday, 28 February 2009

Bikini Tops and Ebay


Okay firstly I’d like to comment on the fact that I stayed in bed the entire day yesterday, I don’t think I’ve ever done that except for when I was ill as a kid! It made me quite nervous taking a whole day off work considering how I’ve gotten into the exact same routine every day for some time now, but my boyfriend convinced me that the world wouldn’t end if I took just one day off work and I think I probably deserved it! (As you can probably guess by now, I am MARRIED to my clothing business, at least until it starts picking up and earning me a decent living!)

Secondly I’d like to comment on just how slow I’ve been on discovering that I can actually list most of my items in my ebay shop even if they aren’t already made because I can choose the 4 business days shipping option which would give me long enough to buy the fabrics, make stuff and send off. I can’t believe how long it took for me to realise that, duhh! So today I’m spending most of my time listing as many of my favourite alternative dresses, tops and jackets in various sizes.


Oh and in other news, I seem to be selling rather a lot of bikini tops all of a sudden, I guess people are preparing for summer fairly early. So I’ve decided to bring out a load more printed bikini tops in various cup sizes aswell as the few that I’m already doing.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Plus Size Alternative Clothing

So as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot about bringing in a much wider range of items available in plus sizes. I’m not really sure which items in specific would go down well, but at the moment I’ve only got a few dresses and one corset top available in sizes 18-24. It seems there really aren’t that many places that supply my style of alternative clothing in larger sizes, so I think this is definitely something I should branch into.

Below are the items I already make in plus sizes. I’m thinking about adding much more corset tops and jackets. Any ideas?






Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Gothic and Emo Skirts

Afternoon everyone : ) So here are some of the skirts I’ve been working on recently. Let me know what you think! I still need to get a whole range of them going so if anyone has any ieas for what they’d like to see then please leave a comment!

First we have this Spiderweb Lace Skirt which is comprised of a soft stretchy cotton waistband with lace up panels in red ribbon and a layer of gorgeous red spider web lace fabric on top of the black main body of the skirt, with a zip at the side.


This one is a slightly older skirt which I recently re-modelled as the older pictures were pretty dire. It’s a fitted zebra print skirt with 2 pockets at the rear, larger size belt loops and two decorative zips at the front which actually unzip right to the top.


And lastly, my favourite (obviously, it is made from PVC after all!) my PVC lace up skirt. This is quite a plain but effective design I think. Made from two panels which lace together at the sides and are largely adjustable so this one is guaranteed to fit a wide scale of sizes.


I’m making all of them in UK sizes 6-18 at the moment, although I've been thinking about opening a lot more things up to plus sizes aswell soon. The only problem being my site wont allow me to list more than 100 products and changing hosts is such a hassle that I really could do without at the moment! I’ll be back soon with more...

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Zebra Print Shorts/Hotpants

Here is the first pair of shorts that I’ve been working on. They are sooo soft and sooo comfy! Whenever I “go out,” (where I come from, this in other words means “go to various pubs and clubs and get drunk” and something I avoid as much as possible until my housemates guilt trip me into joining them) I often see these girls wearing trendy plain black shorts over tights and I think they look pretty smart and I think they make legs look pretty nice. What I haven’t seen is anything much like this in the alternative/emo style, so I thought I’d give it a go.

They’re made from soft stretchy zebra print cotton lined with black cotton with turn-up bottoms on the legs. There are two black pockets at the back and a button and zipper fastening at the front. This is the very first pair of shorts I’ve ever made and am quite pleased with how well they have come out, the only problem is how long they took me to make. Considering everything is about time and money, I would have to charge quite a lot for my time. But most people would turn their nose and say I charge way too much for a simple pair of shorts. So although it was good experience I’m unsure as to whether I should actually sell them.





Monday, 23 February 2009

New Corset Belts!

So a little later than expected, but I finally managed to get some photos done this morning. So far I’ve got together my latest collection of corset belts. I used to make them as one-offs in various sizes but they proved to be quite popular, so now I’m making them in UK sizes 6/8, 10/12, 14/16 and 18/20 for £13.99. I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon enough, but at the moment I’m making them in zebra print, leopard print, strawberry print and of course in my favourite…PVC!





I’ll be back tomorrow when I’ve finished editing the rest. Promise!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Arggh it’s been such a busy week, I’m really struggling to juggle all of the things I want to do! I wish I could stop time! I need to be able to fit designing and sewing new things, making orders, packing up orders, internet promoting, drawing some fairy sketches (to remind myself that if I fail at building a career in fashion, at least I have something else I enjoy,) practice guitar for an hour or so, do sit ups, jogging, punch bag and weights and still find time for a social life/interaction of some kind so that I remember other humans do exist and that there is a life outside of my office!

So far I’m struggling to fit in all the “work” based activities, let alone anything else. Oh and I'm also trying to rearrange my office setup as the light in my sewing corner is so poor that by the evening I'm always working against the clock and usually lose and end up having to sew blindly in the dark...Well that might be a slight exageration..

Anyway rant over..I promise to soon put up some pictures of what I’ve been working on. So far I’ve made 2 new skirts and a pair and a half of shorts (which were quite a nightmare and took far too long to make!) My lovely photographer has a university interview tomorrow so he’s been super busy all week also, but hopefully we’ll get some time on Saturday :) Until then..

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day

yuurei shoulder messenger bag

Okay, first I guess I should say "Happy Valentines Day" and I hope everyone has something nice to do today! Just a standard day at work for me I'm afraid. Talking of couples...I'd like to comment on how I've recently noticed that I always seem to get orders in pairs. Does anyone else find that? I could go a few months without any orders for a certain item and then I’ll suddenly get 2 orders for the exact same item in the same day.

bloody meat cleaver studs

Within less than 24 hours I’ve had two orders for my Yuurei messenger bag and my meat cleaver studs.

I'd also like to comment on how odd it is that on the days I totally overwork myself and do between 10 and 16 hours, I sometimes don’t get a single order, and then the first day I have taken off in its entirety since xmas, I suddenly get a lot of orders. This doesn’t make much sense to me!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

PVC Underbust Corset Skirt/Dress

Morning people : ) I’m back to show you the rest of what went on yesterday. First I’d like to mention just how much positive feedback I have already received, especially on Myspace and Facebook, so I’m very pleased about that. Thanks guys!

Right, I think this next item might possibly be my favourite item that I’ve made so far. It has a fitted PVC body which starts just under the bust and has an adjustable corset style lace up section at the front. The bottom section is a ra-ra style skirt made from pretty stars print cotton (black and white) with stiff white netting underneath causing the skirt to stick out nicely. The best part is that there are two zips, one on each side, so this one is very very easy to get in and out of! This obviously can be worn over another top, I personally think it would look quite cool if it were worn over a plain long sleeved top, but I chose to have it photographed without so that you can see clearly what you're getting!

stars underbust skirt

stars underbust skirt

stars corset belt

The last new thing isn’t as hugely exciting or original, but these have always proven popular with my customers in the past so I decided to make another corset belt. It's made from the same black and white stars print fabric, with adjustable black lace up front. The best thing about these belts is how largely adjustable they are, so this one will fit a UK size 10 up to a 14! This one's going for £12.99 or best offer in my Ebay Store.

PVC, Gothic and Fetish Clothing

New gothic, PVC and fetish style clothing range by My Little Halo. Unique and sexy things!

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New PVC and Fetish Type Clothes

Again, as promised here are some photos from my latest shoot. I think these are some of the most complex designs I’ve done so far. First of all here’s my favourite (as mentioned yesterday) I’ve been told that it makes me look like the Terminator so I was tempted to call it “The Terminator Jacket” but I don’t think that sounds as cool to most people as it does in my head! Its made from PVC with 7 strips up each arm which have been cut at a curved angle to show slits of skin. These are sewn onto a thin strip of soft stretchy cotton so that it is easier to get in and out of and so that it moulds the shape of the arm better. The zip at the front does up to the top, where there is a collar which ties up through a couple of eyelets, creating a sort of authoritative/dominatrix look.

PVC dominatrix jacket


Next we have a stretchy black jersey short dress with the same sort of style sleeves except made from jersey with PVC piping around the edges of the panels. The front section has two parts overlapping creating that revealing low cut for great cleavage!



Right, there are a couple more things, but i'll post them tomorrow, still have so much left to do today!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My nightmare Day!

It's been a while again, sorry! I've still been busy designing. Yesterday I had possibly the worst day in the history of my business life, I spent the entire day working on a new corset which in my head seemed very cool but I completely failed at it. I always seem to get so many ideas in my head at once that I HAVE to get them out and get them done, which means that I don’t always take as long as I should to think about how and whether they are actually going to work! Anyway that as well as some personal issues to do with my living situation resulted in me crying for twelve hours. I’m not one to wish away time, but I’m so glad it’s a new day!

In happier news I made an awesome PVC jacket on Saturday, which I admit I was very impressed with considering the 4 hours sleep I had the night before! As soon as I’ve finished a couple more items, I’ll have another shoot and show you the jacket!

Friday, 6 February 2009

New Things as Promised!

Hello, apologies for not writing for a couple of days! I’ve been a very busy bee making new things, as promised! Here’s what I’ve done so far….(much more to come!)

This first one is a ra-ra style black music print skirt with soft stretchy cotton waistband and adjustable white lace up corset style front detail.

black music print skirt

zebra print slashes t shirt

These two are lovely soft cotton tees in zebra print and leopard print, with horizontal slashes revealing a layer of black cotton underneath. For the sleeves I have used the opposite, plain black sleeves with a layer of either zebra or leopard revealed beneath the slashes.

leopard print slashes t shirt

Again apologies for the semi-nakedness, but I was very pleased with this one! I’ve never worked with PVC before and I really enjoyed making it. It is also seriously comfortable to wear, which is definitely not what I would have expected!

black pvc bustier

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Black Holes Cropped Jacket

black holes cropped jacket
Today I had an order for one of my favorite jackets, my Black Holes Cropped Jacket. It is a fairly plain black jacket but it is unique in the way it has a pattern of holes along the sleeves and is a short jacket that starts at the top of the waist as opposed to the bottom. It probably isn’t ideal for the snowy conditions in the UK at the moment, however works well as a decorative extra layer in warmer times and places! What I like most is the overall slightly futuristic look this jacket has to it, sort of like what the typical dark, mysterious, sexy girl in most sci-fi films would wear!

black holes cropped jacket

Over the next few days i plan to start producing a lot of new items, hopefully a range of new skirts and tops/t-shirts in preparation for the coming spring and preferably warmer weather!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Special Offer on Bags

Today I got an order for my Black and White Music Print Dress : ) That’s always a favourite one to make! So first thing tomorrow I’m ordering a bunch of fabrics for that as well as treating myself to some new fabrics in hope that I come up with new designs for tops and things. I’m considering having my first go at using PVC and hope that it doesn’t turn out too disastrously!

So I was just digging through my endless cupboards and found these bags, which I’d totally forgotten about! So…today’s special offer is…....

alternative bags

All these bags are just £5 each!!

Available to buy from my alternative clothing online store. My bears managed to make it into the photo, but they aren't for sale :D