Thursday, 29 June 2017

New Collection Due for Release July 1st!!

My next collection of heavy metal fashion is due for release this Saturday, July 1st at 5pm uk time. The collection includes studded pants, high waisted leggings, leather vests & hotpants.

Here's the collection and you can see the pricing and measurements in advance on the My Little Halo Alternative Clothing website.
High Waisted Leather Look Strap Panel Pants

Black & Grey Shark Fin Design Pants

Black & Grey Shark Fin Studded Leather Vest

Spandex Studded Gothic Leggings

Gunmetal Studded Leather Vest

Khaki Leather Fringe Flares

Glitter Mesh Front Lace Up Pants

Studded denim and leather ACDC vest
Leather & Denim Studded AC/DC Vest

Black Widow Leather Look Collar Dress

High Waisted Leather Look Hot Pants
High Waisted Stretch Leather Look Hotpants

Leather Look Pants
Stretch Leather Look Pants

Pink Zebra Print Glam Rock Studded Pants
High Waisted Pink Zebra Print Studded Glam Rock Pants

Red Lace, Denim & Spandex Studded Leggings

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