Monday, 20 April 2009

Brand New Strapless Stars Prom Dress

So I'm stuck seriously behind with orders again :( On Friday I didn't really have enough materials to buy online so I thought I would wait until more orders hd come in before I ordered, then Saturday the phonelines were closed so I figured-just wait until Monday and get a lift into town with my friend. Then Monday comes and the car wont start. So I had to order by phone and here I am waiting around again for my fabric to arrive. Hmmmph.

In the meantime, here's (at last) the dress I was on about a while ago. The top half of the dress is a strapless fitted bodice in black cotton with white star print design, consisting of 7 different panels and a zipper fastening in the middle at the back. The bottom half consists of two tiers of the star print fabric with several layers of stiff white netting helping to create that "ra-ra" effect. The finishing touch is the two decorative big white bows on either side at the front.

I decided to make this dress because after several hours a day of browsing the "fashion and accessories" category in Yahoo Answers, I realised that while the vast majority of girls on there are currently searching far and wide for the perfect prom in the perfect colour to suit their complexion, or their eye, or their hair colour, there are the odd few who hate wearing dresses and don't want to have to change their style or pretend to be something that they are not, these few were looking for a prom dress more suited to their style and personality, something a bit more "rocky," "emo" or "alternative." And while most people very unhelpfully seemed to respond with comments such as "urgh, no proms are meant to be pretty not emo" I started to think about how I could help these people find what they are looking for. And well this was the first thing I came up with, black and white because it's smart, but printed instead of plain, something that stands out as being a bit different. If I sell any of these then I'll start thinking up some more. Although I should probably hurry as most proms will be coming up over the next few months!

strapless stars prom dress

strapless stars prom dress

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hardtofindcoolstuff said...

Wow I love this dress, I want my prom all over again.