Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Busy Wednesday :)

Waking up early morning is my very favourite time of day, partly because I sleep beneathe the window in my ceiling, so often I wake to see the sunshine and partly because (on the good days) I awake to some clothes orders. I'm very happy today as I woke up to orders for my strawberry dress, mardi gras masks dress, black holes cropped jacket, green floral lace halter neck corset top and some earrings! And the sun is still shining :)

I've been so busy making orders all week and still trying to fit in designing and making new things aswell. I tend to start something, then get an order, then come back to it, get another order and so on. So progress is slow. I'm working on a new dress, I wont give too much away until it's finished and the pictures are ready but I hope it's going to be a seller! Also on the way should be a couple more skirts, as I seem to be selling a lot particularly in my ebay shop! Hopefully I'll have these done by the end of today but the only problem at the moment is that my photographer is in France. So do I wait a week for his return or do I persuade my boyfriend to visit me and help me out with the risk of less good photos? Hmmmmmm..

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