Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Short Sleeved Slashes T Shirts

Today I'm going to write about my Short Sleeved Slashes T Shirt range. They may seem like a fairly simple design but they sell really well, well at least they have been selling really well in black, in fact both my short and long sleeved black slashes tops sell very well, but I thought it was time to add a bit more colour considering summer is coming up.

The colourful two were taken yesterday, the black one was taken last year when I was quite a lot thinner!

Notice the matching trousers! I love them, I'm not sure if anyone else would actually find them as appealing as I do, (I do seem to have quite odd taste) but I might wait and see if I get anyone asking if they're for sale or general positive feedback about them before I decide whether to list them for sale. I think they would be great to wear to gigs/concerts/clubs, these are the times I miss my old band because I used to love compiling outfits like these to wear at our gigs! Anyway I'm rambling, clearly haven't slept enough, I'll be back soon with more new things!

Pink Short Sleeved Slashes T Shirt

Black Short Sleeved Slashes T Shirt

Purple Short Sleeved Slashes T Shirt

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