Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Printed Bikini Tops

Today I've been working on some new bikini tops. In the past 5 days I've sold a comic strip bikini top, a leopard print bikini top, a zebra print bikini top and a strawberry print bikini top. I really want to make one out of the cute black with white stars fabric that I've been using a lot lately, but at the moment, I'm just using the best fabrics I can find in my cupboard, which so far appear to be black cotton with red and white skull-and-crossbones print and cute white-with-black-polka dot print.

black long sleeved slashes t shirt

I need to take some photos as soon as I've made a few more in other fabrics. I also have a black and white stars tutu skirt that needs to go online. I'm getting behind with the photos again!

In other news I've been selling a lot of the items I've recently started listing on ebay. It's fantastic! The black slashes long and short sleeved t shirts and black holes cropped jacket seem to be going down really well :)


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Wish I still had the figure for that kind of top and also the youth...Your fashions have a great edge to them...Good work..


hi sweetie.. could you please take a look at my todays post and share with all your friends... this family needs our help
all our love
mona & the girls