Saturday, 27 June 2009

New Star Print Mini Corset Skirt

About 6 months ago I made a new skirt in a black and white star print cotton with black netting, which I quite liked but it was quite a night mare to make and in the end I decided that the price I was selling it for barely covered the expense of materials, fabrics and the time used to make it. Since discontinuing this item I seem to have had quite a lot of interest in it and so I thought I should make a similar skirt using the same star print fabric to replace it….

Okay so it’s not THAT similar but my biggest problem with the old skirt was that it had a fitted waistband instead of a stretchy one like the majority of my skirts. This meant that unless my customers get a tape and measure themselves before buying it, it was unlikely that it would fit. So this new version has the easy fit waistband with a corset style front and the rah-rah style bottom half. I’m hoping this one proves as popular as the last, but I do have my doubts, mainly because the last one stood out in being a mini mini skirt, whereas this one isn’t quite as sexy. Oh well, I guess we’ll see.

star print mini corset skirt

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