Friday, 20 November 2009

Gothic Long Sleeved Tops

I've been wanting to make some new items for a while now, but every time I attempt to go into town to buy fabric, it suddenly starts raining so hard that I can't actually see and I end up with make up all over my face and decide I don't want to grace the nice people at the fabric store with my hideous presence and so turn back. I should really invest in an umbrella...

So anyway I finally managed to get there and back without getting wet and so have been blasting out new designs. The first is a long sleeved top made from stretchy black cotton with red and black skeletons lace. There is a big black ribbon which starts round the back and you can tie up at the front to make a cute decorative bow. Then there's a sexy gothic black cotton and black fishnet long sleeved top with a lace up panel at the front and lastly a black cotton top with black and white polka dot sleeves and a white corset-style lace up front.

red and black skeletons bow top

gothic black fishnet long sleeved top

black and white polka dot sleeves top with lace up front

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