Friday, 15 March 2013

New One of a Kind Items for sale now.

This week I've been getting creative (and messy) with bleach and paint! I thought it'd be cool to try making some corset tops and studded leggings using bits of denim fabric that I've decorated and played around with first so that they look more unique and interesting than the usual fabrics I use. If I can figure out a way of making a lot of fabric quickly I will consider making some repeat alternative clothing items in the style, but for now these are just one of a kind pieces.

This is my favourite-it's a studded glam rock vest top in semi stretch textured denim with bleach and paint splatter effect. The front is decorated with black faux leather and silver pyramid studs with an adjustable lace up front fastening. Lace up panels are featured on the sides and back of the vest top, made from more black faux leather, silver eyelets and ribbon. This glam rock inspired top is available in size 6/8 only from the one of a kind glam rock and metal clothing section of my website.

One of a kind bleached denim lace up studded vest top...

one of a kind bleach denim studded lace up vest

Next is a matching pair of unique studded leggings, for which I decided to go for a more asymmetrical look than my usual leggings just to make them extra unique and individual. They are made with black faux leather look lycra with diagonal panels of bleach and paint splattered denim across the front and black strips of studded faux leather with pyramid studs, rounded studs and star studs. They are available from the One of a Kind Unique Rock Leggings category of my website, in uk size 8/10, with specific measurements listed.

One of a kind bleached denim studded leggings....

one of a kind bleach denim studded leggings

And lastly another corset top made with some slightly bluer denim which left a more silvery blue effect after being bleached. It has a zipper fastening at the front which opens right out, with antique look pyramid studs running down the middle. The back is made from black faux leather with an adjustable lace up fastening and decorative strips of studded bleached denim. The spaghetti straps are also made from faux leather, studded with mini studs and cross over at the back to give maximum cleavage and support. It is roughly a UK size 8/10 but the full measurements are listed in the one offs and custom clothing category of my website.

Bleach/paint antique studded lace up top....

Bleach/paint antique studded lace up top

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