Saturday, 25 May 2013

New Casual-wear Vest Tops for Summer

This week I've been working hard on replacing some of the clothing on my website that I can no longer get hold of the fabrics for-starting with a bit of a do-over of my Vest Tops & Tees category. I feel I've made a huge amount of going-out, fancy tops but no where near enough casual wear! So I thought I'd make a whole range of new stretch and patterned comfy vest tops. There's pink zebra print, pink leopard print, velvety tan and brown velour leopard print, a mini gothic crosses vest with sexy high cut sides and my favourite-a black wet look vest top with a spiked bottom cut so it hangs low in the middle and reveals a bit of hip. They will all be custom made to fit and most of them are available in plus size by selecting the plus size option in the drop down menu of each vest top.

Sexy Black Wet Look Spiked Cut Vest Top

sexy black wet look spiked cut vest top

Pink Glittery Leopard Print Vest Top

pink glitter leopard print vest

Velvety Tan/Brown Velour Leopard Print Vest Top

leopard print tan/brown velvety vest top

Pink Zebra Print Vest Top

hot pink zebra print vest top

Black/White Gothic Crosses Mini Vest

black/white gothic crosses vest top

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