Thursday, 22 January 2009

Bright Green Lace Up Corset Belt

Today im feeling bright and happy because my father is coming to visit this afternoon :) So i thought i'd write about a bright and colourful item to express my mood...

Here we have a brilliant green waistbelt with unique spots and dots pattern. I still cant figure out if they are supposed to be eyes or sweets or just a random pattern, but i love it all the same. I've used lovely faux suede D Ring Tape (the rings are actually silver but the picture makes them look more brassy which is annoying) and strong black satin ribbon to give it that gothic/alternative look. The best thing about these corset belts is that they are so adjustable that they will fit a wide range of clothes sizes. And they have the same effect as a corset, by holding your waist in and creating that hourglass figure shape, but for a fraction of the price!



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