Sunday, 25 January 2009

Thinking of Ways of Moving Forwards...

Today I realized that although I describe my clothing range as alternative, emo and gothic clothing, I don’t actually have that many dark or gothic designs, most of my stuff is actually pretty bright! I don’t understand why that is considering that I dress in black a lot of the time and little else, but I love looking at bright colours and outfits on other people . Maybe I need to get designing again to branch out a bit more into the gothic region. Does anyone have any ideas of what they’d like to see?

I’m also thinking that I really need to start stocking trousers. (I’m definitely not good enough to make them myself!) As you can probably tell I’m starting to make a plan for how to move forward and actually start earning some money from my business.

I wish I had the time to go back to making really unique, one-off, crafty diy style, fun outfits, I think I was a lot more creative back when I first started out. But those used to take me a lot longer and making “one offs” is hard because I can’t just assume that everyone is going to fit whatever size I make it in. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have the time or money to spend! Perhaps I should focus on actually earning from selling what I have and what I can stock from other providers and then I can go back to focusing more time on coming up with some really unique and less mainstream ideas!

Here's some examples of some of my really old one off designs! They may not be the most tasteful or fashionable but you can see how much more thought went into the details and making them completely different to anything else out there.





That bottom one was meant to be a make up bag in case you can't tell.

My next thought is of how I’m going to make the move into selling menswear aswell. I never intended to be purely making women’s alternative clothing but it just sort of happened that way considering I’m not a man and I don’t know what sort of things men like or what I would wear if I was a man. But since I’ve started stocking a few bits and pieces from other companies, I guess this could be my way of gradually moving into stocking both women and men’s alternative clothing.


Diamondaj said...

I love the green one : ) You do awesome work.

Audrey said...

I love the bags!! They are really cool.