Saturday, 24 January 2009

Turquoise Satin Decorated Handbag

I was a bit nervous about starting a blog because i didnt really know how to go about it or what to expect, but im so glad i did! Thank you to everyone for all the lovely positive feedback on my work :) And especially to those of you who went on to buy things!!

Today i thought i'd write about my favourite bag that I ever made-This turquoise satin handbag with decorative beads, ribbons, buttons and sequins. I made it as one of a series, each of which took me several hours to hand stitch on all of the detail in it's own unique composition. I used massive 2" wide buttons in various colours, big blue sequins, beautiful multicoloured ribbons and pearly strings of beading. I was sad to see the bag go as it was my favourite!


I also have a very similar bag, emerald green in the same satin fabric.



Light and Writing said...

Love the embellishments! so fun! nice blog, i'll be back.

BorneoDiva said...

very wonderful works :0 i love the blue ones, the color is pretty and the design also cool

Triz Designs said...

oohh love those bags!!!

Anonymous said...

the turquoise one is cute!

Kastina said...

Is this all your stuff???? These are great. You have the vision...thats for sure.