Thursday, 26 January 2012

Black/White Star Print Leggings

Fairly successful morning so far.....I made a new pair of leggings, a regular item available custom made to fit all sizes up to a maximum hip measurement of 52"!! Full length, emo, scene, non see through star print patterned leggings in black and white with elastic waist.

Click here to see them on the website

black and white emo scene star print patterned leggings

And I also managed to find a bit of extra pink zebra print patterned lycra, just enough to make one more pair of leggings, which I have had listed at sold out for some time this will be the last pair (unless my supplier ever gets it back in, which I wont be relying on) so first person to order will get the last ever pair!

Click here to see the zebra print leggings on the website!

Pink zebra print patterned leggings

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