Sunday, 22 January 2012

Youtube Videos-Alternative Dresses & Corset Dresses!!

Since I have fiiiiinally taken the time to figure out a way of making some semi respectable looking slideshow videos for youtube, I've kinda gone to town and started re-doing a lot of my old ones which were appalling quality. I find this sort of thing highly exciting and dont know why I never took the time to make some decent(er) videos sooner! So here's one of the first ones I tried, it's just a bunch of all my favourite dresses I sell, including corset dresses, mini dresses, rah rah dresses, little black dresses and more, all available from my website. They are all custom built especially to fit the measurements you supply me with so it doesnt matter what size or body shape you are. Every girl deserves to feel sexy/beautiful, so I am super happy to make my alternative clothing especially to flatter you with the perfect fit.

Click here to see my range of alternative dresses!

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