Friday, 6 January 2012

More Updated Pics Using New Lights :)

Yesterday I spent more time retaking/updating some of my older rubbish website pictures with newer, better quality ones and meanwhile trying to make sense of my new photo taking equipment, which I probably dont deserve considering my complete lack of knowledge in that whole area. Anyway, I'm learning (slowly) as it's all based on trial and error for me and am fairly pleased with how the new ones are coming out.

While most of my stuff is handmade to order, I do stock the odd few items, this being one of them. Available size small only (fits 6/8/10 UK sizing) Black and white emo, scene, punk style printed t shirt with retro tape cassette design...
black & white emo, scene, punk printed tape cassette tee

Hand painted bleach spider web design gothic t shirt with My Little Halo design on the back..
bleach painted gothic t shirt, spider web design

Emo, punk style hand painted artsy t shirt, with bleach and paint "splatter" effect and hand sewn on skulls. With My Little Halo paint splatter design on the back...
emo, punk skulls paint splatter t shirt

Cutesy pink cupcakes design paint splatter emo/scene style tee. With bleach, paint and hand sewn individual cupcakes and My Little Halo splatter design on the back..
cute pink cupcakes art splatter t shirt

cute pink cupcakes art splatter t shirt

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