Monday, 16 January 2012

Zebra Print Jersey Leggings

I made a new pair of zebra print leggings today to replace my old pair which were one of my most highly sought after products but unfortunately my suppliers no longer stock the fabric :( They are quite different to the old pair but I do prefer them quite a bit as the zebra print is vertical as opposed to the usual horizontal stripes, the white is more of a cream/off-white and the print is much more "faded look" and rustic than the precise black and white zebra stripes of my old design. The leggings are also made from a thick jersey knit fabric making them much thicker and warmer than your standard cheap cotton leggings and ideal for winter.

So here's the new pair-Black and White Zebra Print Leggings
black and white zebra print leggings

Here's the back of the leggings...
punk zebra stripe print leggings

Compared to the old pair, (excuse the rubbish photography!)
emo stripe zebra print leggings

The new pair of zebra print leggings are available to be custom made to fit you up to a maximum hip measurement of 52". One price for all sizes £17.99.

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