Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sale Item: Pink Zebra Leggings

A little while ago I had an order for some pink zebra print leggings and for some reason the customers payment failed to clear and when I tried to contact them about payment they never responded. So my effort to save time by making the leggings in advance backfired on me. So I've listed the zebra print leggings in my sale section...

They are around a UK size 14/16/18 ish, but the specific measurements are as below:

MEASUREMENTS: Waistband 31"-34" and Hips 41"-44".

Pink Zebra Print Leggings...

black and pink zebra print leggings


vixey2906 said...

Hello :)

I've just found these on a Google search for pink zebra leggings haha. I think it was a while a go, but are you still making them? And if so how much?? Would love to buy a pair :)

Emily Horner said...

Hi Vicky, thanks for your comment. Im afraid not, this post was from years ago! You can see all of my items currently for sale at :)