Tuesday, 22 May 2012

SALE! New Dress on Sale

I've been so busy over the last couple of weeks I've barely had time to do anything but sew. On top of being super busy with orders I'm moving aswell, so pretty stressful times! Anyway while sorting through some of my stuff I found a couple of items which I'm no longer making so the originals I'm going to be putting on sale. The first item is a light summery dress in soft and stretchy black cotton with multicoloured bows print. The dress has cute crosover spaghetti straps, pretty black lace around the hem and a big decorative blue-green ribbon which ties into a bow and emphasises the smallest part of the waist.



BUST 33-35", MID WAIST 25-27", LOWER WAIST 29-33"

Multicoloured Bows Strappy Summer Dress SIZE 10

multicoloured bows strappy dress

alternative strappy dress

cute emo scene bows strappy dress

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