Friday, 6 February 2009

New Things as Promised!

Hello, apologies for not writing for a couple of days! I’ve been a very busy bee making new things, as promised! Here’s what I’ve done so far….(much more to come!)

This first one is a ra-ra style black music print skirt with soft stretchy cotton waistband and adjustable white lace up corset style front detail.

black music print skirt

zebra print slashes t shirt

These two are lovely soft cotton tees in zebra print and leopard print, with horizontal slashes revealing a layer of black cotton underneath. For the sleeves I have used the opposite, plain black sleeves with a layer of either zebra or leopard revealed beneath the slashes.

leopard print slashes t shirt

Again apologies for the semi-nakedness, but I was very pleased with this one! I’ve never worked with PVC before and I really enjoyed making it. It is also seriously comfortable to wear, which is definitely not what I would have expected!

black pvc bustier


Ronnie said...

Dang, If i looked that good in PVC, I'd wear it too. I always saw PVC as white plumbing pipe!
Learn something everyday.
I got your pirate tote bag and your snappy dingle dangle shiny thingies blue tote. Love them both.
That skirt with the white laces is adorable.
Keep creating cool stuff.
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

Chrisy said...

lordy ur a clever thing...and the black and white look so great with ur hair...

Anonymous said...

VERY cute skirt... and the corset... ahem... well... yeah it's nice too... see my previous statements on corsets. The fact that it's PVC only adds to the allure.