Thursday, 12 February 2009

PVC Underbust Corset Skirt/Dress

Morning people : ) I’m back to show you the rest of what went on yesterday. First I’d like to mention just how much positive feedback I have already received, especially on Myspace and Facebook, so I’m very pleased about that. Thanks guys!

Right, I think this next item might possibly be my favourite item that I’ve made so far. It has a fitted PVC body which starts just under the bust and has an adjustable corset style lace up section at the front. The bottom section is a ra-ra style skirt made from pretty stars print cotton (black and white) with stiff white netting underneath causing the skirt to stick out nicely. The best part is that there are two zips, one on each side, so this one is very very easy to get in and out of! This obviously can be worn over another top, I personally think it would look quite cool if it were worn over a plain long sleeved top, but I chose to have it photographed without so that you can see clearly what you're getting!

stars underbust skirt

stars underbust skirt

stars corset belt

The last new thing isn’t as hugely exciting or original, but these have always proven popular with my customers in the past so I decided to make another corset belt. It's made from the same black and white stars print fabric, with adjustable black lace up front. The best thing about these belts is how largely adjustable they are, so this one will fit a UK size 10 up to a 14! This one's going for £12.99 or best offer in my Ebay Store.

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