Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New PVC and Fetish Type Clothes

Again, as promised here are some photos from my latest shoot. I think these are some of the most complex designs I’ve done so far. First of all here’s my favourite (as mentioned yesterday) I’ve been told that it makes me look like the Terminator so I was tempted to call it “The Terminator Jacket” but I don’t think that sounds as cool to most people as it does in my head! Its made from PVC with 7 strips up each arm which have been cut at a curved angle to show slits of skin. These are sewn onto a thin strip of soft stretchy cotton so that it is easier to get in and out of and so that it moulds the shape of the arm better. The zip at the front does up to the top, where there is a collar which ties up through a couple of eyelets, creating a sort of authoritative/dominatrix look.

PVC dominatrix jacket


Next we have a stretchy black jersey short dress with the same sort of style sleeves except made from jersey with PVC piping around the edges of the panels. The front section has two parts overlapping creating that revealing low cut for great cleavage!



Right, there are a couple more things, but i'll post them tomorrow, still have so much left to do today!

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