Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Black Holes Cropped Jacket

black holes cropped jacket
Today I had an order for one of my favorite jackets, my Black Holes Cropped Jacket. It is a fairly plain black jacket but it is unique in the way it has a pattern of holes along the sleeves and is a short jacket that starts at the top of the waist as opposed to the bottom. It probably isn’t ideal for the snowy conditions in the UK at the moment, however works well as a decorative extra layer in warmer times and places! What I like most is the overall slightly futuristic look this jacket has to it, sort of like what the typical dark, mysterious, sexy girl in most sci-fi films would wear!

black holes cropped jacket

Over the next few days i plan to start producing a lot of new items, hopefully a range of new skirts and tops/t-shirts in preparation for the coming spring and preferably warmer weather!


Ryan said...

So...uhm, can I get that in a guy size? I don't think I have the tits for it, but it could work.

Diamondaj said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know the current style but I've always loved shirts/jackets/whatever that showed a woman's belly...