Sunday, 1 February 2009

Special Offer on Bags

Today I got an order for my Black and White Music Print Dress : ) That’s always a favourite one to make! So first thing tomorrow I’m ordering a bunch of fabrics for that as well as treating myself to some new fabrics in hope that I come up with new designs for tops and things. I’m considering having my first go at using PVC and hope that it doesn’t turn out too disastrously!

So I was just digging through my endless cupboards and found these bags, which I’d totally forgotten about! So…today’s special offer is…....

alternative bags

All these bags are just £5 each!!

Available to buy from my alternative clothing online store. My bears managed to make it into the photo, but they aren't for sale :D

1 comment:

Stephanie E said...

I will definetly share your website with a few of my girlfriends! They WILL LOVEEEE you! :o)