Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Gothic and Emo Skirts

Afternoon everyone : ) So here are some of the skirts I’ve been working on recently. Let me know what you think! I still need to get a whole range of them going so if anyone has any ieas for what they’d like to see then please leave a comment!

First we have this Spiderweb Lace Skirt which is comprised of a soft stretchy cotton waistband with lace up panels in red ribbon and a layer of gorgeous red spider web lace fabric on top of the black main body of the skirt, with a zip at the side.


This one is a slightly older skirt which I recently re-modelled as the older pictures were pretty dire. It’s a fitted zebra print skirt with 2 pockets at the rear, larger size belt loops and two decorative zips at the front which actually unzip right to the top.


And lastly, my favourite (obviously, it is made from PVC after all!) my PVC lace up skirt. This is quite a plain but effective design I think. Made from two panels which lace together at the sides and are largely adjustable so this one is guaranteed to fit a wide scale of sizes.


I’m making all of them in UK sizes 6-18 at the moment, although I've been thinking about opening a lot more things up to plus sizes aswell soon. The only problem being my site wont allow me to list more than 100 products and changing hosts is such a hassle that I really could do without at the moment! I’ll be back soon with more...


Emma said...

Love the clothes!

Tiggs said...

OMG! I love the clothes but YOU are even more adorable! I'm ever so glad that I found you... I'm from the USA, but have friends in the UK and absolutely LOVE your look and sense of style!

Big hugs across the pond!

esque said...

The Spiderweb Lace skirt is rockin'!