Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Emo/Punk Leopard Print Leggings!

Yesterday amongst orders I managed to find time to make a couple of new things, including a new style of skirt that I haven't had the courage to try before and another pair of patchwork leggings.

They are emo, punk style patchwork leggings made from alternate panels of black cotton and leopard print lycra. One side starts with leopard at the top and finishes with black cotton at the ankles, and the opposite side is the other way round-with black at the top. The waist is high enough to allow room for wearing them either way round, depending on your mood. I love making leggings in this way because you can achieve 2 different looks out of one pair!

Leopard Print Patchwork Punk Leggings...
emo leopard print patchwork leggings
punky leopard print full length leggings

They are full length, non-see through and high quality leopard print leggings. They are a one off item available in one size only, however the fabric is pretty stretchy, as is the waistband so they will fit a large range of sizes.

SIZE 8/10/12

*WAISTBAND 29" up to 33"
*HIPS 34" up to 38"

PRICE £19.99


Anonymous said...

HI there! I love the leggings! Is there any way I can buy a pair from the United States? I would have them. :)

Emily Horner said...

Thank you! Yes I ship all my items worldwide :) You can see my full range of leggings here