Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mothers Day Crafts I made

This year I decided that for mothers day instead of sending the usual bouquet of flowers, I'd make my own! At first I planned to make her a bag as she gets a lot of use out of the last tote I made her so I thought I'd help expand her collection with a new one, then I thought.."how can I decorate it?" which is where the flowers came in. She also loves wearing brooches, so I made them detachable so she can wear them on her clothes too. I had a lot of fun making them, I think they're prettier than real flowers, a lot cheaper and they last a lot longer too! I made them from lots of layers of black, jade and silver lace, with satin ribbon which I cut into petals and burned the edges with a lighter to make them curl upwards like real petals. Then I added lots of sparkly beads to finish them off.

I also decided to make my boyfriends mum a little matching purse with some flowers too and this is how they came out. They were both very happy with them :)

Peacock feather printed tote bag, with inside keys pocket and flower pins!

peacock feather tote bag

Peacock feather coin purse/make up bag with pin flowers...

peacock feather purse

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