Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Zebra Print Strapless Summer Dress

I've been making a few new things this week, they are a little different from my usual style, slightly more feminine and pretty summery I think!

The first is a cute strapless summer dress made with stretchy black cotton and panels of black and white swirly zebra print meshy lace down each side. The lace is a little see through, just enough to be sexy without being too trashy! I added elastic to the boob tube bust to ensure that it will stay up comfortably and thick cotton at the bottom to ensure the dress doesn't ride up. Two annoying tendencies of this type of dress that usually prevent me from feeling comfortable enough to wear them out....problem solved and I will definitely be wearing this one out this summer, it's so comfy!

Zebra Print Lace Strapless Summer Dress...

zebra print lace strapless dress
zebra print mesh boob tube dress
punk, emo strapless summer dress

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