Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Custom Order: Totally Badass Denim Vest!!

Today I've been working on another custom order. This took me waaayyy longer than I had anticipated, but I dont care because I thoroughly enjoyed making it and am totally in love with the finished result, if I do say so myself!

The customer was looking for a Kat Von D style denim vest top with lace up bits, pockets and studs.

The zipper fastening actually zips up all the way, but can be adjusted according to taste. The front features a cute mini pocket on each side of the bust with double popper fastening, the middle is decorated with black faux leather, as are the sides, with large metal eyelet studs and ribbon lacing them up. Which means the tightness can be adjusted too! And lots more big metal eyelets down the middle to finish it off.

I'm well chuffed with this custom order, I hope she likes it!

So here we are...
Kat Von D inspired Denim Vest Top...
Kat Von D denim vest top
Kat Von D denim vest top
Kat Von D denim vest top


Laria said...

I love this top, is it possible to order the same, and how much is it?
Thank you, love what you do!

My Little Halo said...
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My Little Halo said...

Sorry for the delay! Yes it is possible to make the same, actually I had so many requests for it I ended up adding it to my website :) Here's the link