Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Black Slashes Mini Dress

Another new summer-y dress I recently made-It's quite simple but pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself! It's basically a punky vest top dress with gothic slashes down the back which knot up to create a cool effect on the back, revealing the back without revealing too much! I think this will be perfect for summer as it's simple, sexy and comfortable and the open back will keep you cool! I've always been a bit self conscious about wear short skirts or dresses in case they ride up and make me look like a tramp, so I added double thickness of cotton around the bottom of the dress that pulls it in a bit and keeps the dress from riding up.
I wasn't sure what to do on the front of the dress, but eventually ended up doing a simple little matching bit on the bust with a couple of knotted slashes just to tie it in with the theme of the back.

black slashes mini dress

black gothic slashes dress

black slashed summer dress

gothic punk slash summer dress

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