Tuesday, 28 August 2012


As I'm struggling a bit at the moment due to website traffic issues...yeah cheers then google...hmmphhh, I've listed a ton of goods on sale and reduced some other newer items! Plus there's FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING in my shop until the end of August! Pretty much giving it away? Well desperate times I guess :( Click the pics if you want to view more details and measurements on my site.

All available from here: Alternative Clothing Sale

Star Print Patterned Leggings: Size 14/16 Sale Price £14.99!

Cheap Star Print Leggings

Multicoloured Bows Print Alternative Dress: Size 10 Sale Price £17.99!

Bows Print Alternative Dress

Long Sleeved Purple Gothic Collar Top: Size 8/10 Sale Price £14.99! Purple Lacey Gothic Collar Top

Long Sleeved Gothic Lace up Top: Size 8/10 Sale Price £14.99! Black Gothic Lace Long Sleeved Top

Black Semi Wet Look Leggings: Size 8 Sale Price £11.99!

Cheap Black Wet look Leggings

Pink Zebra Print Studded Glam Rock Top: Size 10/12/14 Reduced to £29.99!

Pink Zebra Print Studded Glam Rock Top

Pink Zebra & Stars Print Unique Patchwork Leggings: Size 8/10/12 Reduced to £19.99!

Pink Zebra Print Star Leggings

Multicoloured Artsy Patterned Leggings: Size 8/10 Sale Price £14.99!

Cheap Multicoloured Art Patterned Leggings

Zebra Print Corset Dress: Size 8 Sale Price £34.99!

Zebra Print corset Dress

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