Wednesday, 1 August 2012

SALE ITEM! Black Semi Wet Look Strapless Slashes Dress

I finally got round to taking a photo of this dress today. I made this a looong time ago to sell as a regular item in semi wet look lycra however now that I've managed to find proper wet look I've decided to re-make it using that, which means this one is being listed at a reduced price in my sale.

It is a strapless club/rave dress in black semi gloss wet look lycra, with an elasticated bust to keep it up. The back of the dress has tailored slashes down to the waist and and sleeves of the dress are also made with a slashed effect, also tailored rather than cut. The sleeves rest off the shoulder and are held up with elastic.

This dress is a size 8/10 in uk sizing only, fitting the below measurements:

*BUST 32"-35"

*WAIST 24"-28"

*LOW WAIST 28"-33"

*HIPS 33"-37"

ON SALE AT £24.99!

Black Semi Wet Look Slashes Strapless Dress

Black Wet Look Slashes Strapless Dress

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