Monday, 13 August 2012

Gothic Rocker Spikey Lace Up Corset...NEW OOAK!

Today I finally finished a corset top that I started working on weeks ago. I ordered a ton of eyelets, ribbon and other supplies which I've been waiting on and which, might I add still haven't come...*sigh* anyway I've been holding off buying the bits I need elsewhere each day hoping the supplies will turn up "today" but I finally gave in and bought them from my other supplier. I should have done this in the first place but it seems dumb buying more stuff at a higher price when I've already got a bulk order of it on the way :(

Anyways here's the top. It's a gothic, rocker spikey black faux leather corset top with lace up sides. The front of the top features a zipper fastening and is stiffened with steel boning to prevent the zipper from folding. The front and back of the top are not actually attached, but lace up together with ribbon and large silver eyelets down each side. This can be adjusted quite a lot, as can the matching lace up straps of the top, to fit according to size. So this means that the top can actually fit a wide range of sizes, from a size 8 up to 12. The bottom hem of the top is cut in a unique spike design on both front and back and the bust is decorated with small silver pyramid studs.

Gothic Rocker Spikey Lace Up Corset...

Gothic Rocker Spikey Lace Up Corset

As the top laces up and adjusts at both sides it will fit sizes 8 up to 12, with the below measurements...

*BUST 32"-37", *WAIST 24"-30", *MID/LOW WAIST 25"-31"

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