Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Plus Size Alternative Clothing

Lately I've been getting the feeling that not many people are actually aware that I make plus size alternative clothing as well as for smaller sizes. A lot of confusion comes about I think, because I also make some one of a kind items such as those in my more recent posts...these ARE only available in smaller sizes. This is purely because I always have a lot of off cuts from older fabrics that are no longer available to me and I only have enough fabric left to make one item from them. And so obviously cant repeat the design when the fabric isnt being made anymore!

The only reason they are all in smaller sizes is purely down to ease (or laze some might say) as I can model them myself with minimum expense of time! I've been doing this a lot lately since moving to a new place where I have a lot less storage space than where I used to be, so I need to use up some fabric otherwise it'll just end up in a landfill, which needless to say...doesn't sit well on my conscience :S

As I've been posting a lot of these one of a kind items lately on Facebook, I think many people are mislead into thinking I'm harsh on larger sizes and only make clothes for small people....

This isn't the case at all! In fact the vast majority of my clothing I hand make from scratch as and when it is ordered by you lovely people. I make it especially to fit your own measurements to ensure it fits good. AND that includes plus sizes! The reason I refer to these items separately as plus size clothing, is that I do unfortunately have to charge more for the larger sizes, to cover fabrics and other extra material costs and so I have two separate listings for these to cater for the different pricings.

Corset dresses, mini skirts, fishtail skirts, long sleeved gothic tops and corset belts are just a few of the things I have available to plus size alternative ladies at the moment. So please don't be discouraged by my recent work, it's nothing against larger sizes, I'm just trying to make some extra money from fabrics that would otherwise have gone in the bin.

Here are a few of my plus size customers favourite items to buy! Click the image to go to my website and see the full range available!
Plus Size Alternative Clothing

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